Serverless Authorization example with JWT and AWS Custom Authorizers
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Serverless Auth

Pangolins are a protected species!

Pangolins are protected species!

This is a serverless authorization example using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs.) It has three endpoints:

  • GET /cats is a public endpoint anyone can access.
  • GET /pangolins is a private endpoint, protected by an AWS Custom Authorizer.
  • POST /sessions is a login endpoint. Pass a valid username and password in a JSON request body to get a JWT (see /lib/users.js for valid combinations.) For example:
	"username": "Cthon98",
	"password": "hunter2"

In order to pass the authentication check, you will need to supply a valid JWT in your Authorization request header when making calls to a protected endpoint.

In order to pass the authorization check, you will need a JWT belonging to a user with valid permissions. For this example, the user Cthon98 is authorized to access GET /pangolins; AzureDiamond is not.



Install dependencies


Running Tests

yarn test

Get Test coverage

yarn test:coverage


yarn eslint

Running locally

serverless offline start


serverless deploy