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A Python implementation of IDA FindCrypt/FindCrypt2 plugin (see http://www.hexblog.com/?p=28).

How to use

Execute findcrypt.py on your IDA. Tested on IDA 7.0+ for macOS.

Supported constants

  • zlib: zinflate_lengthStarts, zinflate_lengthExtraBits, zinflate_distanceStarts, zinflate_distanceExtraBits, zdeflate_lengthCodes
  • DES: DES_ip, DES_fp, DES_ei, DES_sbox[1-8], DES_p32i, DES_pc[1-2]
  • AES: Rijndael_sbox, Rijndael_inv_sbox, Rijndael_Te[0-4], Rijndael_Td[0-4]
  • Blowfish: Blowfish_P_array, Blowfish_S_boxes
  • CRC32: CRC32_m_tab_le, CRC32_m_tab_be
  • MD5: MD5_T, MD5_initstate
  • SHA1: SHA1_H
  • SHA224: SHA224_H
  • SHA256: SHA256_K, SHA256_H
  • SHA512: SHA512_K
  • RC5_RC6: RC5_RC6_PQ


  1. Add more constants - I always welcome your pull request :)
  2. Performance improvement