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A Slack reporter to integrate with CircleCI
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npm version CircleCI

A Slack Reporting tool built for Cypress but should work with any mocha based framework that is using mochawesome

  • Slack reporter with integration with CircleCI
    • Reports Github/BitBucket Triggering Commit Details
    • Reports CirleCI Build Logs / Status / Artefacts
    • Reports Test Status & Provides Report Links
  • Takes the output of Mochawesome JSON output to determine test result & corresponding slack message
  • Provides a URL link to the Test Artefacts (Mochawesome HTML Test Report / Cypress Video & Screenshots)

For users who are not using CircleCi, you can get a simple report

  • pass --ci-provider none provider flag to provide a simple slack message based on the mochawesome report status

Reporting Features

It provides the following distinct message types

  • Build Failure / Cypress error
  • Test Failure
  • Test Success

It provides the following information

  • CircleCI Build Status
  • Test Stats (Total Tests / Passes / Failures)
  • Author with link to Github commit
  • Branch name
  • Pull Request number and link to PR (only if PR)

And the following build/test artefacts

  • CircleCI Build Log button
  • HTML Test report button (only on build success)
  • Videos of test runs (one link per test)
  • Screenshots of failed tests (one link per failing test)

Screenshots showing Slack Alert Format

Alert Samples


Note Please see the pre-requisites folder to current neccessary pre-requisites

  1. Install the app

    $ yarn add cypress-slack-reporter --dev


    $ npm install cypress-slack-reporter --save-dev

  2. Create a Slack app & create an incoming webhook

Set the following environment variables in your localhost or CI configuration.

  • $SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL - The full URL you created in the last step

    $ export SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL=yourWebhookUrlHere


$ npx cypress-slack-reporter --help

  Usage: index.js [options]
    -v, --version            output the version number
    --vcs-provider [type]    VCS Provider [github|bitbucket] (default: "github")
    --ci-provider [type]     CI Provider [circleci|none] (default: "circleci")
    --report-dir [type]      mochawesome html test report directory, relative to your package.json (default: "./mochareports")
    --screenshot-dir [type]  cypress screenshot directory, relative to your package.json (default: "./cypress/screenshots")
    --videos-dir [type]      cypress video directory, relative to your package.json (default: "./cypress/videos")
    -h, --help               output usage information


Yarn installation Instructions

    yarn add mochawesome --dev
    yarn add mochawesome-merge --dev
    yarn add mochawesome-report-generator --dev
    yarn add mocha-multi-reporters --dev

NPM installation Instructions

    npm install mochawesome --save-dev
    npm install mochawesome-merge --save-dev
    npm install mochawesome-report-generator --save-dev
    npm install mocha-multi-reporters --save-dev
  • Add the following in the base of your project


  "reporter": "mocha-multi-reporters",
  "reporterOptions": {
    "configFile": "reporterOpts.json"


  "reporterEnabled": "mochawesome",
  "mochawesomeReporterOptions": {
    "reportDir": "cypress/reports/mocha",
    "quiet": true,
    "overwrite": false,
    "html": false,
    "json": true


This project is building in CircleCI and can be viewed at the following link

CircleCI Build

See the .circleci folder

  • config.yml - Contains the CircleCI build configuration

The following env vars are read for CircleCI users.

  • CIRCLE_SHA1 - The SHA1 hash of the last commit of the current build
  • CIRCLE_BRANCH - The name of the Git branch currently being built.
  • CIRCLE_USERNAME - The GitHub or Bitbucket username of the user who triggered the build.
  • CIRCLE_BUILD_URL - The URL for the current build.
  • CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM - The number of the CircleCI build.
  • CIRCLE_PULL_REQUEST - Comma-separated list of URLs of the current build’s associated pull requests.
  • CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME - The name of the repository of the current project.
  • CIRCLE_PROJECT_USERNAME - The GitHub or Bitbucket username of the current project.
  • CI_URL=""

If you wish to use another CI provider, you can pass any name other than circleci into the CLI flag --ci-provider, which will allow you to enter your own environment variables for CI.

  • CI_URL
  • CI_SHA1,


  • provide user ability to provide own CI artefact paths
  • typescript s3 uploader scripts and add to CLI
  • retrieve s3 links for test report/artefacts and inject into the slack report
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