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Welcome to Buildcraft on GitHub


If you wish to submit a pull request to fix bugs or broken behaviour feel free to do so. If you would like to add features or change existing behaviour or balance, please discuss it with Sengir or Krapht before submiting the pull request.

Compiling and packaging Buildcraft

  1. Ensure that Apache Ant (found here) is installed correctly on your system.
    • Linux users will need the latest version of astyle installed as well.
  2. Create a base directory for the build
  3. Clone the Buildcraft repository into basedir/BuildCraft/
    • Optional: Copy BuildCraft localization repository into basedir/BuildCraft-Localization
  4. Copy the minecraft bin dir and minecraft_server.jar into basedir/jars/
  5. Navigate to basedir/Buildcraft in a shell and run ant (this will take 2-5 minutes)
  6. The compiled and obfuscated jar will be in basedir/build/dist

Your directory structure should look like this:

\- jars
 |- minecraft_server.jar
 \- bin
  |- minecraft.jar
  |- ...
\- BuildCraft
 |- buildcraft_resources
 |- common
 |- ...
\- BuildCraft-Localization
 |- lang


Localizations can be submitted here. Localization PRs against this repository will have to be rejected.

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