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This project is still in active development over at



Resume represents the future of online content consumption. It allows for a seamless user experience where content is delivered intelligently based on the device of the user.

For content consumption across platforms. Pause, then resume your content via video, audio, and text.


The user wakes up in the morning, hops on their computer and logs into They begin watching a video but since they're running behind, they only get about 1/4 way through the video before they have to leave for work. Resume has been keeping track of the current time on the video accurately to 0.1 seconds.

The user then gets into their car, opens up on their phone where Resume detects that the user is on a mobile device and loads up the audio track to the video in order to save valuable bandwidth. The audio is resumed precisely where the user had stopped watching the video earlier that morning.

Later that evening, the user decides to finish watching the video. Because Resume has been tracking their progress, the video is resumed exactly where the audio left off earlier that day.

Team from Hacking Journalism in New York, NY

  • Deborah Acosta @deborahacosta
  • Yin Ho @tyho
  • Adrian Sas @sasdrian
  • Nelson Hsu @hsunelson
  • Brandon Sugiyama @invibe
  • Molly Sugar
  • Jem Young @jemyoung