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A command line interface for Instantly create secure URLs to your Mac!


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Emporter CLI

Instantly create secure URLs to your Mac, from the Terminal, by automating

Watch a quick video to see it in action!


  1. Download the latest release and double-click to install
  2. That's it! Type emporter from the command-line to get started

Installing from the Terminal (alternate method)

Run curl | sh (view source)

The script downloads the latest release, verifies its code signature and installs it using the built-in macOS installer. It does the same thing as the normal installation process, without a GUI.

Use at your discretion. It is less secure in nature (as it pipes a script over HTTPS to sh).

Side note: This really would be ideal as a Homebrew cask. Please star this project to make it a worthy submission!

Command usage

Common commands

Creating a new URL

emporter create some/dir          # serve directory at some/dir
emporter create 8080              # localhost:8080
emporter create mikey.local:8080  # localhost:8080 (Host: mikey.local)
emporter create --rm 9000         # localhost:9000 (removed on exit)

URLs are automatically served upon creation by default.

Viewing/serving existing URLs

emporter list   # list previously created urls
emporter run    # serve previously created urls

Managing URLs

emporter edit --name wow 8080  # name url to port 8080 "wow"
emporter rm some/dir           # remove url to directory at some/dir
emporter rm 8080               # remove url to port 8080

More options

Run emporter help [COMMAND] for any command (such as create) to get a full list of options for a command.

Nearly everything you can do from can be done from the command line!


Contributions via Issues or Pull Requests are welcome.

There aren't contribution guidelines in place (yet?), so please ask before writing a Pull Request. We can come up with sane guidelines together!


BSD 3 Clause. See LICENSE.

Built proudly using EmporterKit and YDCommandKit.

(c) 2019 Young Dynasty / @YoungDynastyNet