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User Management

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There are two types of accounts available on AidStream. They are:

  1. Administrator Account
  2. User Account

1. Administrator Account

An Administrator(Admin) account has full access to all permission levels. This means that a user with an Admin account can add new users to the organisation, assign and edit the permission settings on those user accounts.

2. User Account

New users can only be created by a user with an Admin account. New users can only access the application according to the permissions granted to them by an Admin user. Please note the Settings page is not available to users with non-Admin accounts.

When an organisation initially registers with AidStream, the person who sets up the account will be made an Admin user by default. To set up an AidStream account, follow our guide which you can find here.

Creating User Accounts

The users section of the settings page, lists all the user accounts associated with the organisation account. Only the users with the administrator level permission can add users and edit user information.

From this section, the users with administrator level permission can;

  1. Add new user
  2. Edit user’s permission
  3. Delete user


Add new user You will find the option to add a user on the top right hand side of the users section of the settings page. This will open a new form where you can fill in information to create a new user account to AidStream. The new user accounts created from here will be automatically activated.

When the form opens you will find the following user information to be added;

First/ Last name: The Name of the person you will be adding as a user

Email address: His or her email address(It has to be un-used)

User name: When selecting a user name the organisation abbreviation will automatically be generated in the front (eg if for organisation ‘example’ abv=’ex’ than user will be ‘ex_abc’)

Password: the password that the new user will be using

Permission: You can select from a list of permissions for the users.

  • Viewer: The user can only look at the data and the information but cannot edit it.
  • Publisher: The user can add new entries, edit new entries, delete entries and publish them as activities.
  • Editor: The user can only add and edit activities (or entries to the activity).
  • Admin: This user has all the privileges.

Edit user’s permission

You can change the permissions of these users according to what you want.


Delete user

It is also possible to delete users which were mistakenly created or for any other reasons. user2

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