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* Command line script to send an outgoing SMS from the server.
* Requires an AMQP server to be configured in config.php, and
* pushes SMS to the phone immediately using the real-time connection.
require_once __DIR__."/config.php";
require_once dirname(__DIR__)."/EnvayaSMS.php";
require_once __DIR__."/php-amqplib/";
if (sizeof($argv) == 3)
$to = $argv[1];
$body = $argv[2];
error_log("Usage: php send_sms_amqp.php <to> \"<message>\"");
$message = new EnvayaSMS_OutgoingMessage();
$message->id = uniqid("");
$message->to = $to;
$message->message = $body;
$conn = new AMQPConnection($AMQP_SETTINGS['host'], $AMQP_SETTINGS['port'],
$AMQP_SETTINGS['user'], $AMQP_SETTINGS['password'], $AMQP_SETTINGS['vhost']);
$ch = $conn->channel();
$ch->queue_declare($AMQP_SETTINGS['queue_name'], false, true, false, false);
$event = new EnvayaSMS_Event_Send(array($message));
$msg = new AMQPMessage($event->render(), array('content_type' => 'application/json', 'delivery-mode' => 2));
$ch->basic_publish($msg, '', $AMQP_SETTINGS['queue_name']);
echo "Message {$message->id} added to AMQP queue\n";
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