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  • Core container & dependency injection: bean manipulation, auto binding, auto implementation, etc.
  • Multiple Communication Protocols: supports TCP, UDP, WebSocket, HTTP.
  • Traffic Encryption: traffic between clients and servers can be encrypted using SSL.
  • Multiple Client SDKs: Android, IOS, Unity, React, C++, Flutter, ...


Ezyfox Server's benchmark with 1000 CCU broadcast messages in 1 hour on one VPS ram 512MB, CPU 1 core. You can watch this video to see how did we test.


To rapidly develop online games, developers often have to use a game server engine like SmartFoxServer or Photon, but unfortunately, they come with really high price, especially when more and more users are engaging in our products. Therefore, we develop EzyFox ecosystem aiming to make everything free and open for everyone who are keen on building multi-players games and applications.

EzyFox ecosystem supports a wide range of most important components to develop an enterprise product including TCP, UDP, WebSocket protocols with SSL encryption, HTTP RESTful API, Remote procedure call RPC protocol, Database interaction, Memory caching, Message Queue.

With EzyFox ecosystem, we can stay away from the headache of choosing which technologies to use to manage and scale up an application, so we can just focus on implementing business logics.

Get Started


Latest version

You can download it here

Code Example

1. Create an app entry

public static class HelloAppEntry extends EzySimpleAppEntry {

    protected String[] getScanablePackages() {
        return new String[] {
                "com.tvd12.ezyfoxserver.embedded.test" // replace by your package

2. Create a plugin entry

public static class HelloPluginEntry extends EzySimplePluginEntry {

    protected String[] getScanablePackages() {
        return new String[] {
                "com.tvd12.ezyfoxserver.embedded.test" // replace by your package


3. Setup

EzyPluginSettingBuilder pluginSettingBuilder = new EzyPluginSettingBuilder()

EzyAppSettingBuilder appSettingBuilder = new EzyAppSettingBuilder()

EzyZoneSettingBuilder zoneSettingBuilder = new EzyZoneSettingBuilder()

EzySimpleSettings settings = new EzySettingsBuilder()

4. Create and start a server

EzyEmbeddedServer server = EzyEmbeddedServer.builder()

You can find full example here

Client SDKs

  1. Android
  2. C/C++
  3. CSharp
  4. Flutter
  5. Java
  6. Javascript ECMAScript 6
  7. Javascript
  8. Netty
  9. Swift
  10. React Native


  1. Defi Warrior


  1. Free Chat
  2. Space Game Cocos2d-x
  3. Space Shooter Unity
  4. Lucky Wheel Phaser HTML5
  5. One Two Three Simple Game Server
  6. Easy Smashers Unity


  1. EzyChat: A simple realtime chat application
  2. EzyRoulette: A simple lucky wheel game


Navigate to the source folder and run:

mvn test

Contact us

Help us by donation

Currently, our operating budget is fully from on our own salaries, and all product developments are still based on voluntary contributions from a few organization members. Apparently, the low budget would cause many considerable difficulties for us. Therefore, with a clear roadmap and an ambitious goal to provide intellectual products for the community, we really appreciate your support if you can provide a donation to take us further steps. Thanks in advance for your meaningful contributions!


  • Apache License, Version 2.0