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react native client for ezyfox server




  1. Download and install JDK 8
  2. Download and install Android Studio
  3. Download and install Xcode
  4. Download and install npm via Node.js
  5. Setup environment

How to test?

1. Install module

  • using yarn:
git clone && cd ezyfox-server-react-native-client/example && yarn
  • using npm:
git clone && cd ezyfox-server-react-native-client/example && npm i

2. Run iOS

  • Build and Run on Xcode for iOS, don't forget to run pod install

3. Run Android

  • Run npx react-native run-android first
  • Build and run on Android Studio for Android

4. Where need I click?

  • Please fill any username and password or keep default value
  • Click Login button and everything done

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