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(ns twoguys.html-selector
(:require [ :as zip])
(:use [clojure.string :only (split)]
[clojure.contrib.core :only (.?.)]
[ :only (reader)])
(:import [nu.validator.htmlparser.dom HtmlDocumentBuilder]
[org.w3c.dom Document Node]
[org.xml.sax InputSource]))
(defn build-document [file-name]
(.parse (HtmlDocumentBuilder.) (InputSource. (reader file-name))))
(defn id-sel [document id]
(let [id (.substring id 1)]
(list (.getElementById document id))))
(defn nodelist-seq [node-list]
(letfn [(internal [i]
(when (< i (.getLength node-list))
(cons (.item node-list i) (internal (inc i))))))]
(internal 0)))
(defn dom-seq [root-node]
(let [children (nodelist-seq (.getChildNodes root-node))]
(when-not (empty? children)
(mapcat dom-seq children)))))
(defn element-tagname [elt]
(when (= Node/ELEMENT_NODE (.getNodeType elt))
(.getNodeName elt)))
(defmulti element-sel (fn [node elt-name]
(condp instance? node
Document Document
(defmethod element-sel Document [document elt-name]
(nodelist-seq (.getElementsByTagName document elt-name)))
(defmethod element-sel Node [node elt-name]
(filter #(= elt-name (element-tagname %)) (dom-seq node)))
(defn get-attribute [elt attr]
(.?. elt getAttributes (getNamedItem attr) getValue))
(defn hasclass? [elt class]
(when-let [class-attr (get-attribute elt "class")]
(some #(= class %) (split class-attr #" "))))
(defn class-sel [node class]
(filter #(hasclass? % (.substring class 1)) (dom-seq node)))
(defmulti compile-selector type)
(defmethod compile-selector clojure.lang.IFn [f]
(defmethod compile-selector String [s]
(condp = (.charAt s 0)
\# #(id-sel % s)
\. #(class-sel % s)
#(element-sel % s)))
(defn text-sel [node]
(list (.getTextContent node)))
(defn flip [f]
(fn [& args]
(apply f (reverse args))))
(defn $ [node & selectors]
(reduce (flip mapcat) [node] (map compile-selector selectors)))
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