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(ns the.parsatron
(:refer-clojure :exclude [char])
(:require [clojure.string :as str]))
(defrecord InputState [input pos])
(defrecord SourcePos [line column])
(defrecord Ok [item])
(defrecord Err [errmsg])
;; errors
(defprotocol ShowableError
(show-error [this]))
(defrecord ParseError [pos msgs]
(show-error [_] (str (str/join ", " msgs)
" at"
" line: " (:line pos)
" column: " (:column pos))))
(defn unknown-error [{:keys [pos] :as state}]
(ParseError. pos ["Error"]))
(defn unexpect-error [msg pos]
(ParseError. pos [(str "Unexpected " msg)]))
(defn expect-error [msg pos]
(ParseError. pos [(str "Expected " msg)]))
(defn merge-errors [{:keys [pos] :as err} other-err]
(ParseError. pos (flatten (concat (:msgs err) (:msgs other-err)))))
;; m
(defn always [x]
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(eok x state)))
(defn nxt [p q]
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(letfn [(pcok [item state]
(q state cok cerr cok cerr))
(peok [item state]
(q state cok cerr eok eerr))]
(p state pcok cerr peok eerr))))
(defn bind [p f]
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(letfn [(pcok [item state]
(let [q (f item)]
(q state cok cerr cok cerr)))
(peok [item state]
(let [q (f item)]
(q state cok cerr eok eerr)))]
(p state pcok cerr peok eerr))))
(defmacro defparser [name args & body]
`(defn ~name ~args
(fn [state# cok# cerr# eok# eerr#]
(let [p# (>> ~@body)]
(p# state# cok# cerr# eok# eerr#)))))
(defmacro >>
([m] m)
([m n] `(nxt ~m ~n))
([m n & ms] `(nxt ~m (>> ~n ~@ms))))
(defmacro let->> [[& bindings] & body]
(let [[bind-form p] (take 2 bindings)]
(if (= 2 (count bindings))
`(bind ~p (fn [~bind-form] ~@body))
`(bind ~p (fn [~bind-form] (let->> ~(drop 2 bindings) ~@body))))))
;; m+
(defn never []
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(eerr (unknown-error state))))
(defn either [p q]
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(letfn [(peerr [err-from-p]
(letfn [(qeerr [err-from-q]
(eerr (merge-errors err-from-p err-from-q)))]
(q state cok cerr eok qeerr)))]
(p state cok cerr eok peerr))))
;; token
(defn token [consume? nextpos-f show-f]
(fn [{:keys [input pos] :as state} cok cerr eok eerr]
(if-let [s (seq input)]
(let [item (first s)
rest-of-input (next s)]
(if (consume? item)
(let [newpos (nextpos-f pos item rest-of-input)
newstate (InputState. rest-of-input newpos)]
(cok item newstate))
(eerr (unexpect-error (show-f item) pos))))
(eerr (unexpect-error "Input is empty" pos)))))
(defn many [p]
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(letfn [(many-err [_ _]
(throw (RuntimeException. "Combinator '*' is applied to a parser that accepts an empty string")))
(pcok [coll]
(fn [item state]
(letfn [(exit-cok [_]
(cok (conj coll item) state))]
(p state (pcok (conj coll item)) cerr many-err exit-cok))))
(peerr [_]
(eok [] state))]
(p state (pcok []) cerr many-err peerr))))
(defn times [n p]
(if (= n 0)
(always [])
(fn [state cok cerr eok eerr]
(letfn [(pcok [item state]
(let [q (times (dec n) p)]
(letfn [(qcok [items state]
(cok (cons item items) state))]
(q state qcok cerr qcok eerr))))
(peok [item state]
(eok (repeat n item) state))]
(p state pcok cerr peok eerr)))))
(defn choice [& parsers]
(if (empty? parsers)
(let [p (first parsers)]
(either p (apply choice (rest parsers))))))
(defn eof []
(fn [{:keys [input pos] :as state} cok cerr eok eerr]
(if (empty? input)
(eok nil state)
(eerr (expect-error "end of input" pos)))))
(defn updatepos-char [{:keys [line column]} c]
(case c
\newline (SourcePos. (inc line) 1)
(SourcePos. line (inc column))))
(defn satisfy [pred]
(token pred
(fn [pos c cs]
(updatepos-char pos c))
(defn char [c]
(satisfy #(= c %)))
(defn any-char []
(satisfy (constantly true)))
(defn digit []
(satisfy #(Character/isDigit %)))
(defn letter []
(satisfy #(Character/isLetter %)))
(defn between [open close p]
(let->> [_ open
x p
_ close]
(always x)))
(defn many1 [p]
(let->> [x p
xs (many p)]
(always (cons x xs))))
;; run parsers
(defn run-parser [p state]
(letfn [(cok [item _]
(Ok. item))
(cerr [err]
(Err. (show-error err)))
(eok [item _]
(Ok. item))
(eerr [err]
(Err. (show-error err)))]
(p state cok cerr eok eerr)))
(defn run [p input]
(let [result (run-parser p (InputState. input (SourcePos. 1 1)))]
(condp = (class result)
Ok (:item result)
Err (throw (RuntimeException. (:errmsg result))))))
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