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(ns parsatron.test
(:refer-clojure :exclude [char])
(:use [the.parsatron]
(:import (the.parsatron SourcePos)))
(defn parser-result? [expected p input]
(= expected (run p input)))
(deftest test-always
(is (parser-result? 5 (always 5) ""))
(is (parser-result? 5 (always 5) "abc")))
(deftest test-nxt
(is (parser-result? 5 (nxt (always 3)
(always 5)) "")))
(deftest test-bind
(is (parser-result? 8 (bind (always 3)
(fn [x]
(always (+ x 5)))) "")))
(deftest test-never
(is (thrown? RuntimeException (run (never) "")))
(is (thrown? RuntimeException (run (never) "abc"))))
(deftest test-either
(testing "first parser succeeds"
(is (parser-result? 5 (either (always 5) (always 3)) "")))
(testing "second parser succeeds, when first fails with empty"
(is (parser-result? 5 (either (never) (always 5)) "")))
(testing "when neither succeed, errors are merged"
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Unexpected token 'c', Unexpected token 'c'"
(run (either (char \a) (char \b)) "c")))))
(deftest test-token
(testing "throws error on empty input"
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Unexpected end of input"
(run (token (constantly true)) ""))))
(testing "consume? determines parser's behavior, show-f used in error message"
(is (parser-result? \a (token (constantly true)) "a"))
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Unexpected token 'a'"
(run (token (constantly false)) "a")))))
(deftest test-many
(testing "throws an exception if parser does not consume"
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Combinator '\*' is applied to a parser that accepts an empty string"
(run (many (always 5)) ""))))
(testing "returns empty list when no input consumed"
(is (parser-result? [] (many (char \a)) "")))
(testing "parser returns list of consumed items"
(is (parser-result? [\a \a \b \a \b \b]
(many (either (char \a)
(char \b)))
(deftest test-times
(testing "0 times returns [], and does not consume"
(is (parser-result? [] (times 0 (char \a)) "")))
(testing "throws an error (from underlying parser) if fewer than specified"
(are [input] (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Unexpected end of input"
(run (times 3 (char \a)) input))
(testing "returns a list with the results"
(is (parser-result? [\a \a \a] (times 3 (char \a)) "aaa"))
(is (parser-result? [5 5 5] (times 3 (always 5)) ""))))
(deftest test-choice
(testing "choice with no choices throws an exception"
(is (thrown? RuntimeException (run (choice) ""))))
(testing "first parser to succeed returns result"
(are [input] (parser-result? (first input) (choice (char \a) (char \b) (char \c)) input)
(deftest test-eof
(testing "parser succeeds, returns nil when no more input left"
(is (parser-result? nil (eof) ""))
(is (parser-result? nil (>> (char \a) (eof)) "a")))
(testing "parser fails with message when input if left"
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Expected end of input"
(run (eof) "a")))
(is (thrown-with-msg? RuntimeException #"Expected end of input"
(run (>> (char \a) (eof)) "ab")))))
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