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(ns parsatron.test-trampoline
(:refer-clojure :exclude [char])
(:use [the.parsatron]
(:import (the.parsatron Continue Ok)))
(deftest test-always
(testing "always is a fn"
(is (fn? (always 5))))
(testing "with no next parser, always returns Ok"
(let [p (always 5)
result (p nil nil nil (fn eok [item _] (Ok. item)) nil)]
(is (= (Ok. 5) result))))
(testing "bound to a next parser, always returns Continue"
(let [p (bind (always 5) (fn [x] (always (+ x 2))))
p-continue (p nil nil nil (fn eok [item _] (Ok. item)) nil)]
(is (instance? Continue p-continue))
(let [q-continue ((:fn p-continue))]
(is (instance? Continue q-continue))
(let [result ((:fn q-continue))]
(is (= (Ok. 7) result)))))))
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