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extract, examine - parsers that interact with the current InputState

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commit 4dd1c225bfcaaf29ffe775723ddbc19a0bff227c 1 parent 6c98905
@youngnh authored
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  1. +17 −2 src/the/parsatron.clj
19 src/the/parsatron.clj
@@ -143,12 +143,27 @@
(Continue. #(p state cok eerr eok eerr))))
+;; interacting with the parser's state
+(defn extract
+ "Extract information from the Parser's current state. f should be a
+ fn of one argument, the parser's current state, and any value that
+ it deems worthy of returning will be returned by the entire parser.
+ No input is consumed by this parser, and the state itself is not
+ altered."
+ [f]
+ (fn [state _ _ eok _]
+ (eok (f state) state)))
+(defn examine
+ "Return the Parser's current state"
+ []
+ (extract identity))
(defn lineno
"A parser that returns the current line number. It consumes no input"
- (fn [state _ _ eok _]
- (eok (get-in state [:pos :line]) state)))
+ (extract (comp :line :pos)))
;; token
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