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Reproducing the figures in "Discovery of Brainwide Neural-Behavioral Maps via Multiscale Unsupervised Structure Learning" in Science (March 27, 2014) issue.

All the plots in the paper were generated with R. The latest R can be downloaded from CRAN. At the R prompt, type

> source("behaviortypes.R")

First, all the required R packages will be installed if necessary. Depending on your platform, some of system files need to be installed too, for example, curl, jle, etc.

Once the package installation is done, each figure will be saved into a file in the same folder where the above R file is located one at a time. Some of the images may take a while to be generated, e.g., heatmaps, etc.

This code has been tested on Mac and Linux environments. Unfortunately, it was not tested on Windows machines.

Update: Now, the Iterative Denoising Tree code is added, the main learning algorithm used in the manuscript. You can test is by

> source("doidt.r")
> testIDT()