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import os
import subprocess
import zipfile
Script will create an AWS Lambda function deployment.
It expects there to be a deployments directory and it will create a
deployment of the form:
where n is incremented for each deployment based on the existing deployment
root_deployments_dir = "./deployments"
# List of files that should be included in the deployment
# Only the files listed here, and the libraries in the requirements.txt
# file will be included in the deployment.
deployment_files = ['', '', '']
def _read_requirements():
with open("./requirements.txt", 'r') as f:
install_requirements = f.readlines()
return install_requirements
def _get_immediate_subdirectories(a_dir):
return [name for name in os.listdir(a_dir)
if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(a_dir, name))]
def _make_deployment_dir():
all_deployment_directories = _get_immediate_subdirectories(root_deployments_dir)
max_deployment_number = -1
for deployment_dir in all_deployment_directories:
dir_name_elements = deployment_dir.split("_")
if( len(dir_name_elements) == 2):
if int(dir_name_elements[1]) > max_deployment_number:
max_deployment_number = int(dir_name_elements[1])
if max_deployment_number == -1:
max_deployment_number = 0
deployment_name = "deployment_{0}".format(max_deployment_number+1)
new_deployment_dir_path = "{0}/{1}".format(root_deployments_dir, deployment_name)
if not os.path.exists(new_deployment_dir_path):
return (new_deployment_dir_path, deployment_name)
def _install_requirements(deployment_requirements, deployment_dir):
pip install <requirements line> -t <deployment_dir>
:param deployment_requirements
:param deployment_dir:
if os.path.exists(deployment_dir):
for requirement in deployment_requirements:
cmd = "pip install {0} -t {1}".format(requirement, deployment_dir).split()
return_code =, shell=False)
def _copy_deployment_files(deployment_dir):
for deployment_file in deployment_files:
if os.path.exists(deployment_file):
cmd = "cp {0} {1}".format(deployment_file, deployment_dir).split()
return_code =, shell=False)
raise NameError("Deployment file not found [{0}]".format(deployment_file))
def zipdir(dirPath=None, zipFilePath=None, includeDirInZip=False):
Attribution: I wish I could remember where I found this on the
web. To the unknown sharer of knowledge - thank you.
Create a zip archive from a directory.
Note that this function is designed to put files in the zip archive with
either no parent directory or just one parent directory, so it will trim any
leading directories in the filesystem paths and not include them inside the
zip archive paths. This is generally the case when you want to just take a
directory and make it into a zip file that can be extracted in different
Keyword arguments:
dirPath -- string path to the directory to archive. This is the only
required argument. It can be absolute or relative, but only one or zero
leading directories will be included in the zip archive.
zipFilePath -- string path to the output zip file. This can be an absolute
or relative path. If the zip file already exists, it will be updated. If
not, it will be created. If you want to replace it from scratch, delete it
prior to calling this function. (default is computed as dirPath + ".zip")
includeDirInZip -- boolean indicating whether the top level directory should
be included in the archive or omitted. (default True)
if not zipFilePath:
zipFilePath = dirPath + ".zip"
if not os.path.isdir(dirPath):
raise OSError("dirPath argument must point to a directory. "
"'%s' does not." % dirPath)
parentDir, dirToZip = os.path.split(dirPath)
#Little nested function to prepare the proper archive path
def trimPath(path):
archivePath = path.replace(parentDir, "", 1)
if parentDir:
archivePath = archivePath.replace(os.path.sep, "", 1)
if not includeDirInZip:
archivePath = archivePath.replace(dirToZip + os.path.sep, "", 1)
return os.path.normcase(archivePath)
outFile = zipfile.ZipFile(zipFilePath, "w",
for (archiveDirPath, dirNames, fileNames) in os.walk(dirPath):
for fileName in fileNames:
filePath = os.path.join(archiveDirPath, fileName)
outFile.write(filePath, trimPath(filePath))
#Make sure we get empty directories as well
if not fileNames and not dirNames:
zipInfo = zipfile.ZipInfo(trimPath(archiveDirPath) + "/")
#some web sites suggest doing
#zipInfo.external_attr = 16
#zipInfo.external_attr = 48
#Here to allow for inserting an empty directory. Still TBD/TODO.
outFile.writestr(zipInfo, "")
if __name__ == "__main__":
(deployment_dir, deployment_name) = _make_deployment_dir()
install_requirements = _read_requirements()
_install_requirements(install_requirements, deployment_dir)
zipdir(deployment_dir, "{0}/{1}.zip".format(root_deployments_dir, deployment_name))
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