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Deprecated! Hive FDW for PostgreSQL
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Hive FDW for PostgreSQL

This Python module implements the multicorn.ForeignDataWrapper interface to allow you to create foreign tables in PostgreSQL 9.1+ that query to tables in Apache Hive.



  1. Install Multicorn

  2. Install hive-thrift-py

  3. Build the FDW module:

     $ cd hive-fdw-for-postgresql
     $ python sdist
     $ sudo python install

    or, with easy_install:

     $ cd hive-fdw-for-postgresql
     $ sudo easy_install .
  4. In the PostgreSQL client, create an extension and foreign server:

     CREATE EXTENSION multicorn;
     CREATE SERVER multicorn_hive FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER multicorn
     OPTIONS (
         wrapper 'hivefdw.HiveForeignDataWrapper'


  1. User can executes simple selects on a remote Hive table:

         a varchar,
         b varchar,
         c varchar,
         d varchar
     ) SERVER multicorn_hive OPTIONS (
         host 'tb081',
         port '10000',
         table 'test'
     SELECT * FROM hive;
  2. Also user can executes selects using a Hive query:

     CREATE FOREIGN TABLE hive_query (
         x varchar,
         y varchar,
         z varchar
     ) SERVER multicorn_hive OPTIONS (
         host 'tb081',
         port '10000',
         query 'SELECT x,y,z from src'
     SELECT * from hive_query;
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