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Composing Complex Skills by Learning Transition Policies


This project is a TensorFlow implementation of Composing Complex Skills by Learning Transition Policies, published in ICLR 2019. We provide code for our models, environments, and baselines presented in the paper.

Humans acquire complex skills by exploiting previously learned skills and making transitions between them. To empower machines with this ability, we propose a method that can learn transition policies which effectively connect primitive skills to perform sequential tasks without handcrafted rewards. To efficiently train our transition policies, we introduce proximity predictors which induce rewards gauging proximity to suitable initial states for the next skill.

The proposed method is evaluated on a set of complex continuous control tasks in bipedal locomotion and robotic arm manipulation which traditional policy gradient methods struggle at. We demonstrate that transition policies enable us to effectively compose complex skills with existing primitive skills. The proposed induced rewards computed using the proximity predictor further improve training efficiency by providing more dense information than the sparse rewards from the environments.


The structure of the repository:

  • ./rl: models, training, and evalution scripts
  • ./gym: manipulation and locomotion environment code in MuJoCo (modified from OpenAI gym)
  • ./baselines: contains common utilities from OpenAI baselines


MuJoCo environment

  • All environments are located in transition/gym/envs/mujoco.
  • Code for Manipulation (Jaco) and Locomotion (Walker2d) environments uses MuJoCo.



All training code is located in transition/rl. In the transition/ folder run Example scripts can be found in,,,

Training for primitive skills

  • Train policices to acquire primitive skills
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix toss_ICLR2019 --env JacoToss-v1 --hrl False --num_rollouts 10000  # Jaco Toss env
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix hit_ICLR2019 --env JacoHit-v1 --hrl False --num_rollouts 10000    # Jaco Hit up env

Environments for primitive skills: JacoPick, JacoCatch, JacoToss, JacoHit, Walker2dForward, Walker2dBackward, Walker2dBalance, Walker2dJump, Walker2dCrawl.

  • Collect states in initiation sets for proximity predictors
python3 -m rl.main --prefix toss_ICLR2019 --env JacoToss-v1 --hrl False --num_rollouts 10000 --is_collect_state True --num_evaluation_run 1000 # Jaco Toss env
python3 -m rl.main --prefix hit_ICLR2019 --env JacoHit-v1 --hrl False --num_rollouts 10000 --is_collect_state True --num_evaluation_run 1000 # Jaco Hit env

Training for complex skills (i.e. for the Jaco arm to toss and hit a ball utilizing Toss and Hit primitives)

  • Train our model (transition + proximity reward) on a complex task
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_ours_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --primitive_dir primitive_iclr --primitive_envs JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1 --primitive_paths JacoToss.toss_ICLR2019,JacoHit.hit_ICLR2019
  • Train without hierarchical reinforcement learning (just policy gradient)
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_trpo_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --hrl False --rl_method trpo
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_ppo_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --hrl False --rl_method ppo --optim_stepsize 3e-4
  • Train without transition
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_no_trans_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --primitive_dir primitive_iclr --primitive_envs JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1 --primitive_paths JacoToss.toss_ICLR2019,JacoHit.hit_ICLR2019 --use_trans False
  • Transition + task rewards
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_task_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --primitive_dir primitive_iclr --primitive_envs JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1 --primitive_paths JacoToss.toss_ICLR2019,JacoHit.hit_ICLR2019 --use_proximity_predictor False --env_args sparse_reward-1
  • Transition + sparse proximity reward
python3 --mpi 4 --prefix serve_sparse_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --primitive_dir primitive_iclr --primitive_envs JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1 --primitive_paths JacoToss.toss_ICLR2019,JacoHit.hit_ICLR2019 --proximity_dense_diff_rew False
  • Arguments
    • --hrl: set to False to train a primitive policy or True to train transition policies for a complex task

    • --render: set to True to render videos

    • --debug: set to True to see debugging info

    • --record: set to True to record video in a folder

    • --prefix: a name for training

    • Environment

      • --env: specify which environment to use (Walker2dForward-v1, Walker2dHurdle-v1, env names in gym/gym/envs/
      • --env_args: (optional) arguments for env
    • Training

      • --primitive_envs: Separated list of primitive envs eg: JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1
      • --primitive_paths: Separated list of primitive model names inside primitive_dir loaded in order with primitive_envs
    • Hyperparameters

      • --num_rollouts: the number of rollouts
      • --mpi: number of environments run in parallel
      • --proximity_use_traj_portion: portion of collected trajectory rollout that the proximity predictor trains on

Environments for complex skills: JacoKeepPick, JacoKeepCatch, JacoServe, Walker2dPatrol, Walker2dHurdle, Walker2dObstacleCourse.


  • Evalute trained models
python3 -m rl.main --prefix toss_ICLR2019 --env JacoToss-v1 --num_rollouts 10000 --hrl False --is_train Falsee --record True # Jaco Toss env
python3 -m rl.main --prefix serve_ours_ICLR2019 --env JacoServe-v1 --primitive_dir primitive_iclr --primitive_envs JacoToss-v1,JacoHit-v1 --primitive_paths JacoToss.toss_ICLR2019,JacoHit.hit_ICLR2019 --is_train False --record True # Jaco Serve env

Check out eval_cmd.txt in the log directory for the exact evaluation command.

Add you own environments

New environments can be added to train primitive and transition policies on chosen tasks. Create a gym environment and add environment in gym/envs and register the gym environment in gym/envs/

To train our method with the transition policy on complex tasks, the environment should provide a meta-controller signal for what primitive should be utilized. For the MuJoCo environments, the get_next_primitive function returns the skill to be used in a hierarchical task. Also, environments for primitive tasks require the is_terminate function which returns whether the primitive skill execution succeeds or not. The environment should implement a step function which returns the observation, reward, done, and info. The environment should return the success signal as the reward.


  • Walker2dForward-v1
  • Walker2dBackward-v1
  • Walker2dBalance-v1
  • Walker2dCrawl-v1
  • Walker2dJump-v1
  • Walker2dPatrol-v1: forward and backward
  • Walker2dHurdle-v1: forward and jump
  • Walker2dObstacleCourse-v1: forward, jump, and crawl


  • JacoPick-v1
  • JacoCatch-v1
  • JacoToss-v1
  • JacoHit-v1
  • JacoKeepPick-v1: pick up a box five times
  • JacoKeepCatch-v1: catch a box five times
  • JacoServe-v1: toss a ball and hit toward a target



  1. Copy the Mujoco version 1.5 and its license key to ~/.mujoco
  2. Add the following PATH into ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc
export MUJOCO_PY_MJKEY_PATH=/home/USER_NAME/.mujoco/mjkey.txt
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/USER_NAME/.mujoco/mjpro150/bin:/usr/bin/nvidia-384
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
  1. Make a virtual environment with Python 3.5.2 or 3.6.3 (do not use anaconda due to its compatibility with opencv and moviepy)
  2. Install packages in the following Dependencies section


# brew install open-mpi  # for mac OSX
$ sudo apt-get install python3-tk tmux patchelf libglew-dev libglfw3-dev
$ pip install tensorflow==1.13.0 # cpu is faster than gpu
$ pip install pillow moviepy tqdm ipdb scipy opencv-python mpi4py matplotlib h5py requests
# run in python
$ python
>>> import imageio;
# for mujoco-py==
$ pip install mujoco-py==

Virtual screen for a headless server

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev mesa-common-dev libxmu-dev libxi-dev
# configure nvidia-x
sudo nvidia-xconfig -a --use-display-device=None --virtual=1280x1024
# run virtual screen
sudo /usr/bin/X :0
# run progrma with DISPLAY=:0
DISPLAY=:0 <program>

GLEW initialization error: Missing GL version

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

Reference: openai/mujoco-py#268

Cite the paper

If you find this useful, please cite

    title={Composing Complex Skills by Learning Transition Policies},
    author={Youngwoon Lee and Shao-Hua Sun and Sriram Somasundaram and Edward S. Hu and Joseph J. Lim},
    booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},


Youngwoon Lee*, Shao-Hua Sun*, Sriram Somasundaram, Edward S. Hu, and Joseph J. Lim

(*Equal contribution)


Official code for the paper "Learning Transition Policies for Composing Complex Skills" (ICLR 2019)







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