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A dead simple backup ecosystem for our miserable LXD containers.


./ [-p <prefix>] [<container>...]

Create a complete backup tarball in the current directory containing all partial backup tarballs from the specified list of containers.

|-- <hostname>_<container1>_<timestamp>.tar.gz
|-- <hostname>_<container2>_<timestamp>.tar.gz
|-- <hostname>_<container3>_<timestamp>.tar.gz

If no containers are specified, then all available slave scripts will be triggered.


  • -p <prefix> Add a prefix to the generated tarball filename. The format will be <hostname>_<prefix>_<timestamp>.tar.gz.

Protip! The last line of the output is the filename of the freshly created backup.

Get started

A container that we want to backup needs to have its own script slaves/ where example is the name of the container.


The master script ( is responsible for giving orders to the slave scripts and harvesting the backup archives.


The slave scripts (slaves/*.sh) are the container-specific scripts that do the actual backup work. That's why they're called slaves you know.


Here's a script template to get started:

function main {
    d "Stopping some service..."
    systemctl stop some.service || { e "Could not stop some service."; exit 1; }

    d "Backing stuff up..."
    tar cvf "$ARCHIVE" file1 file2 file3 || { e "Something went south."; exit 1; }

    d "Starting some service..."
    systemctl start some.service || { e "Could not start some service."; exit 1; }

function d {
    echo "$(date '+%b %d %H:%M:%S') $(hostname): $*"

function e {
    >&2 echo "$(date '+%b %d %H:%M:%S') $(hostname): $*"


You get the general idea.

Protip! Make sure that your slave script exits with a non-zero status if it cannot create the tarball for some reason.

Environment variables

The following environment variables are available inside slave scripts:

  • ARCHIVE: Path to the target tarball file that the slave shall create.