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Tetris Clone

this is just a personal project to help me get more experience with programming.


  • move piece is a or d
  • hard drop is w
  • rotation is j or k
  • hold is u
  • if you are on the 3ds, press start to exit

in the future I plan to make it so that you can change the controls

#Plans for the future

  • Soft drop
  • Pause menu (no choice to restart game in menu)
  • an options memu
      • the star means that this option will only apply after player has lost the game or not in-game
    • input options
    • video options
      • screen resolution options
      • screen rotation(thanks to Shadik09 for the idea)
    • game options
      • *round down speed timings or round both up or down speed timings based on the speed timing its rounding or don't round at all and just use float or double(changing data type is not an option) instead of int. (this shouldn't make a big different but I'll let people change it if thay like).
      • *fast or slow DAS
      • *Sonic Drop or Standard hard drop
      • *TGM Rotation or SRS
      • *soft drop speed 20 to 60 (this will be a multiplier)
  • save after every hold, and new tetris piece that is generated (this is help people not restart unlesss thay lose)
  • add replay system
  • add Particle System
  • add screen shake
  • add gpu support
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