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This is a slightly enhanced port of the original TGE starter.racing demo. Based on the resource as packaged in TGE 1.52.

Primarily a script resource, this includes one engine source file to fix potentially game-crashing bugs in guiSpeedometer.cpp found in T3D versions 3.9 and lower. To use the resource in stock T3D without rebuilding, the GuiSpeedometerHud control should be removed from /art/gui/playGui.gui before trying to play the game.

A precompiled version with the GuiSpeedometerHud bug fixes can be found in the ./game subdirectory.


This is a simple multiplayer racer using typical Torque keyboard/mouse controls featuring a *very* basic demo level. The game begins and waits for network players to join. The race will start after a set wait period elapses or when a player triggers race start (depending on settings). Players drive through series of checkpoints (defined by trigger objects) to complete a determined number of laps. When a player enters the final trigger the race is complete. A simple scoreboard of race wins is displayed for a set time and then new round will begin. If multiple levels have been defined, the game will cycle through them when progressing through rounds.

If the game is not set to autoStart, racing rounds must be started with the ctrl-s keyboard command.


The game is controlled by a handful of global variables set in /sripts/server/game.cs as follows:

$Game::DefaultPlayerDataBlockDatablock to define vehicles in race.
$Game::lapsNumber of laps per race
$Game::autoStartIf true, the race starts automatically after $Game::WaitTime seconds.
If false, each race is started with a keyboard command (ctrl+s)
$Game::WaitTimeHow long to wait for players to enter the game before starting a race (if autoStart=true).
$Game::EndGamePauseHow long to display the scoreboard after a race is complete.

Checkpoints are laid out using standard trigger objects defined with the following fields:

datablockmust be "CheckpointTrigger".
checkpointInteger defining the order checkpoints should be entered.
isLastBoolean defining which checkpoint ends the race.


This resource is based on T3D 3.8 and project manager 2.2.

To install, create a new project using the empty template. Copy all files into the project directory and regenerate the project.