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package graph
// BFS traverses g in breadth-first order starting at v.
// When the algorithm follows an edge (v, w) and finds a previously
// unvisited vertex w, it calls do(v, w, c) with c equal to
// the cost of the edge (v, w).
func BFS(g Iterator, v int, do func(v, w int, c int64)) {
visited := make([]bool, g.Order())
visited[v] = true
for queue := []int{v}; len(queue) > 0; {
v := queue[0]
queue = queue[1:]
g.Visit(v, func(w int, c int64) (skip bool) {
if visited[w] {
do(v, w, c)
visited[w] = true
queue = append(queue, w)