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Your basic radix sort GoDoc

A fast string sorting algorithm

This is an optimized sorting algorithm equivalent to sort.Strings in the Go standard library. For string sorting, a carefully implemented radix sort can be considerably faster than Quicksort, sometimes more than twice as fast.

MSD radix sort

Radix sort

A discussion of MSD radix sort, its implementation and a comparison with other well-known sorting algorithms can be found in Implementing radixsort. In summary, MSD radix sort uses O(n) extra space and runs in O(n+B) worst-case time, where n is the number of strings to be sorted and B is the number of bytes that must be inspected to sort the strings.


Once you have installed Go, run the go get command to install the radix package:

go get github.com/yourbasic/radix


There is an online reference for the package at godoc.org/github.com/yourbasic/radix.


Stefan Nilsson – korthaj