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Charlie DeTar
Charlie DeTar committed Aug 6, 2010
1 parent 68f33f3 commit a3edbd0f971bf59a450e6a5d2ad7eea7e9dc266c
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@@ -181,6 +181,7 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(ATT)\b/gi, "At this time"],
[/\b(ATTK)\b/g, "Attack"],
[/\b(AUP)\b/g, "Afghan Uniform Police"],
+ [/\b(AUS)\b/g, "Australian"],
[/\b(B-HUTS)\b/g, "Semi-permanent wooden structure (used in place of tents)"],
[/\b(BAF)\b/g, "Bagram Air Field"],
[/\b(BCT)\b/g, "Brigade combat team (US)"],
@@ -222,22 +223,23 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(CJ3)\b/g, "Joint Special Ops"],
[/\b(CJSOTF)/g, "Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force"],
[/\b(CJTF)/g, "Combined Joint Task Force"],
- [/\b(CJTF-82)\b/g, "Combined Joint Task Force-82: HQ of US Forces in ISAF and Regional Command East, March 2007-April 2008"],
- [/\b(CLP)\b/g, "Combat logistics patrol [supply convoy]"],
- [/\b(CO)\b/g, "Commanding officer"],
+ [/\b(CJTF-82)\b/g, "Combined Joint Task Force-82 [HQ of US Forces in ISAF and Regional Command East, March 2007-April 2008]"],
+ [/\b(CLP)\b/g, "Combat Logistics Patrol [supply convoy]"],
+ [/\b(CO)\b/g, "Commanding Officer"],
[/\b(CoP)\b/g, "Chief of Police"],
[/\b(COP)\b/g, "Combat outpost"],
[/\b(Coy)\b/gi, "Company"],
[/\b(CP)\b/g, "Check Point"],
[/\b(cpt)\b/g, "Captain"],
[/\b(Csh)\b/gi, "Combat Support Hospital"],
- [/\b(CTC)\b/g, "? Counterterrorist Center"],
+ [/\b(CTC)\b/g, "Counterterrorist Center [?]"],
[/\b(CWIED)\b/g, "Command Wire Improvised Explosive Device"],
[/\b(DBC)\b/g, "Database Code"],
[/\b(DC)\b/g, "District Centre"],
[/\b(DF)\b/g, "Direct Fire"],
[/\b(DOI)\b/g, "Date of Incident"],
[/\b(DoS)\b/g, "Department of State"],
+ [/\b(DOW)\b/g, "Died of Wounds"],
[/\b(DSHKA)\b/g, "Soviet-origin Heavy Machine Gun"],
[/\b(ECP)\b/g, "Entry Control Point"],
[/\b(EWIA)\b/g, "Enemy Wounded in Action"],
@@ -246,10 +248,10 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(ENG BDE)\b/g, "Engineer Brigade"],
[/\b(EOC)\b/g, "Emergency Operation Centre"],
[/\b(EOD)\b/g, "Explosive Ordnance Disposal [bomb defuser]"],
- [/\b(eof)\b/g, "Escalation of Force [also 'exchange of fire']"],
+ [/\b(EOF)\b/gi, "Escalation of Force"],
[/\b(ETT)\b/g, "Embedded Training Team"],
- [/\b(evac)\b/g, "Evacuation"],
- [/\b(EVACD)\b/g, "Evacuated"],
+ [/\b(evac)\b/gi, "Evacuation"],
+ [/\b(EVACD)\b/gi, "Evacuated"],
[/\b(F-15)\b/g, "F-15 Fighter/bomber"],
[/\b(FB)\b/g, "Forward Base"],
[/\b(FF)\b/g, "Friendly Forces"],
@@ -275,14 +277,13 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(GT R2RR)\b/g, "Canadian troops: tactical group:2nd bn 22nd royal regiment"],
[/\b(helos)\b/g, "Helicopters"],
[/\b(HHB)\b/g, "Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion"],
- [/\b(HIMARS)\b/g, "GPS-guided multiple rocket system, mounted on v. mobile truck [carries GMLRS qv]"],
+ [/\b(HIMARS)\b/g, "GPS-guided multiple rocket system [mounted on mobile truck - carries GMLRS qv]"],
[/\b(HLZ)\b/g, "helicopter landing zone"],
[/\b(HMG)\b/g, "UK government (HM Government)"],
[/\b(HMLA-169)\b/g, "US Marines light attack helicopter sqadron"],
[/\b(HRT)\b/g, "Hostage Rescue Team"],
[/\b(HVI)\b/g, "High-value Individual"],
[/\b(HWY)\b/g, "Highway"],
- [/\b(IAW EOF SOP)\b/g, "In Accordance With Escalation of Force Standard Operating Procedure"],
[/\b(IAW)\b/g, "In accordance with"],
[/\b(ICOM)\b/g, "Radio"],
[/\b(IDF)\b/g, "Indirect Fire"],
@@ -302,7 +303,7 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(ISN)\b/g, "Internment [or Insurgent] serial Number"],
[/\b(ISO)\b/g, "In support of"],
[/\b(ISR)\b/g, "Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance"],
- [/\b(IVO)\b/g, "In vicinity of"],
+ [/\b(IVO)\b/g, "In the vicinity of"],
[/\b(J COY 42 CDO)\b/g, "J company 42 Commando Royal Marines"],
[/\b(JAF)\b/g, "Jalalabad Air Field"],
[/\b(JAG)\b/g, "Judge Advocate General (Army legal team)"],
@@ -331,6 +332,7 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(Line 4)\b/g, "Special equipment required"],
[/\b(Litter)\b/g, "Medical Stretcher"],
[/\b(LKG)\b/g, "Lashkar Ghar"],
+ [/\b((\d+)xLN)\b/g, "$2 Local Nationals"],
[/\b(L\/?N)\b/g, "Local National"],
[/\b(LNs)\b/gi, "Local Nationals"],
[/\b(LNO)\b/g, "Liaison Officer"],
@@ -433,22 +435,23 @@ var ACRONYMS = [
[/\b(ROE)\b/g, "Rules of engagement"],
[/\b(Role 3)\b/g, "Surgical facility"],
[/\b(RPG)\b/g, "Rocket propelled grenade"],
+ [/\b(RPGs)\b/g, "Rocket propelled grenades"],
[/\b(RPK)\b/g, "Light machine gun, Kalashnikov (Ruchnoi Pulemyot Kalashnikova)"],
[/\b(RPT)\b/g, "Report"],
[/\b(RTB)\b/g, "Return to base"],
[/\b(RTE)\b/g, "Route"],
[/\b(RTF)\b/g, "Reconstruction Task Force [Australian at TF Uruzgan]"],
[/\b(S-2)\b/g, "Intelligence staff officer"],
[/\b(S-5)\b/g, "Staff member responsible for civil-military operations"],
- [/\b(SALUTE)\b/g, "Size/Activity/Location/Time/Unit/Equipment"],
- [/\b(SALUTER)\b/g, "Size/Activity/Location/Time/Unit/Equipment/Result"],
- [/\b(S[-:])/g, "Size "],
- [/\b(A[-:])/g, "Activity "],
- [/\b(L[-:])/g, "Location "],
- [/\b(T[-:])/g, "Time "],
- [/\b(U[-:])/g, "Unit "],
- [/\b(E[-:])/g, "Equipment "],
- [/\b(R[-:])/g, "Result "],
+ [/\b(SALUTE)\b/g, "Size/Activity/Location/Unit/Time/Equipment"],
+ [/\b(SALUTER)\b/g, "Size/Activity/Location/Unit/Time/Equipment/Result"],
+ [/\b(S[-:])/g, "Size: "],
+ [/\b(A[-:])/g, "Activity: "],
+ [/\b(L[-:])/g, "Location: "],
+ [/\b(T[-:])/g, "Time: "],
+ [/\b(U[-:])/g, "Unit: "],
+ [/\b(E[-:])/g, "Equipment: "],
+ [/\b(R[-:])/g, "Result: "],
[/\b(S\/\/REL)\b/g, "Secret or Selective release?"],
[/\b(SAF)\b/g, "Small arms fire"],
[/\b(Safire)\b/gi, "Small arms fire"],

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