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@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ This is the Django source code that runs, a tool which
enables rich browsing and searching of the WikiLeaks Afghan War Diaries
document archive.
+You may be interested in the `DocuDig fork <>`_,
+which generalizes this application to any structured data set.

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Without any positive outcome of the war in terror on the horizon,the decision of Obama administration of the draw down the American combat forces from Afghanistan in July 2011, has emboldened more and more the Washington's ally of the war,Pakistan,which is proceeding on its double game to milk America on one hand,and on the other hand, providing the Taliban with the U.S. supplied weapons and safe havens as well assisting them to infiltration into Afghanistan against the allied forces,to take a firm and solid stance to reject the demands of the administration to open the North Waziristan front against the terrorists of Haqqani and Hezb e Islami which are the forefront of the Army of Pakistan. Isn't it a per-planned policy of Islamabad to use its forefront Taliban forces to run into Kabul after the American Draw down and then confront the Indians on the subject of KASHMIR?.


In case of any American draw down from the region,what will the situation be in the light of Chines ambition of subjecting the Pakistani occupied Balochistan as its launching base to absorb the rich resources of Central Asian States to export via the Gowadar sea port,constructed by Beijing, and to control and observe the global navigational system of to and fro of Arabian Gulf from the same sea port which is located on the bottle neck of the sea of Oman? The American and EU states including the Indian governments are well aware that the Chines have managed to establish a Naval Base at the Gowadar sea port to commence its commercial and military objectives from the occupied Balochistan.

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