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Bleach Whitelist

A curated list of tags, attributes, and styles suitable for filtering user-provided HTML using bleach.

Currently, it consists of basic set of tags suitable for rendering markdown, and markup intended for printing, as well as a list of all CSS styles. Please send pull requests with improvements or lists of tags and attributes for other purposes (wikis, comments, etc?).


pip install bleach-whitelist


import bleach
from bleach_whitelist import print_tags, print_attrs, all_styles

bleach.clean(raw_html, print_tags, print_attrs, all_styles)


  • markdown_tags: Safe HTML tags needed to render markdown-style markup.
  • markdown_attrs: Safe attributes tags needed to render markdown-style markup.
  • print_tags: Safe HTML tags suitable for printing / PDFs.
  • print_attrs: Safe attributes suitable for printing / PDFs.
  • all_styles: A list of all CSS properties supported by major browsers.
  • standard_styles: A list of standard (non-vendor-specific) CSS properaties.

See for more.

Have improvements or lists of tags suitable for other purposes? Please send a pull request! Let's build a few good task-specific whitelists rather than reinventing these lists every time.

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