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This is modified from jtauber's django-notification in the following ways:

 - Removed the "feeds" API which was broken for Django 1.4, and unused by most
   and relied on unsecure HTTP Basic Auth.
 - Added SMS notifications, via carrier email gateways; carrier gateways
   defined in `notification.carriers`.
 - Added HTML email notifications.
 - Changed naming convention for notification templates, and removed base
   templates for email to simplify template architecture (you can implement
   your own base templates for 'email_subject' or 'email_body' if you wish).
   New template names are as follows:

   notification/<notice type>/email_subject.txt (was `short.txt`; base removed)
   notification/<notice type>/email_body.txt    (was `full.txt`; base removed)
   notification/<notice type>/email_body.html   (new)
   notification/<notice type>/web_body.html     (was `notice.html`)
   notification/<notice type>/sms.txt           (new)

   If `email_body.html` is empty, the message will be sent as single-part text
   only.  If it is non-empty, the message is sent multi-part with text/html and

Original README follows:

Many sites need to notify users when certain events have occurred and to allow
configurable options as to how those notifications are to be received.

The project aims to provide a Django app for this sort of functionality. This

 * submission of notification messages by other apps
 * notification messages on signing in
 * notification messages via email (configurable by user)
 * notification messages via feed