Fix and remove annoying web elements such as sticky headers, floating boxes, dickbars, social share bars and other distracting elements.
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Web Annoyances Ultralist - unsuck the web!


Are you tired of not being able to use all of your screen real estate for the text that matters on a website because floating headers and other distracting elements are blocking your view? Reclaim your screen real estate with Web Annoyances Ultralist!

Block annoying web elements such as sticky headers, dickbars, floating headers, scrolling headers, scrolling videos, stickynavs, social icons, social share bars, smartphone app banners, app download nag screens, floating navigation boxes, cookie notices, gdpr warnings, jump to top navs, modal overlays, interstitial site overlays, removed or hidden overflow scroll bars, subscription nags, and generally distracting elements that have increasingly been turning the web into a user-hostile environment.

When possible, sticky headers, stickynavs, floating elements, scrolling videos and more will be pinned in place to prevent site breakage.

unsuck the web - Demonstration

Typical Website in 2019 Before Installing Web Annoyances Ultralist

scrolling_video_newsletter_header_share_icons highlighted

Above screenshot taken using uBlock Origin Default Filter Lists

Typical Website in 2019 After Installing Web Annoyances Ultralist


Above screenshot taken using uBlock Origin Default Filter Lists + Web Annoyances Ultralist

Head over to the demonstration page for additional visual examples of Web Annoyances Ultralist in action.


This filter list aims to remove annoying web elements that block your view of the screen and is created and optimized using the uBlock Origin Extended Syntax.

For the best user experience, please use this filter list with uBlock Origin or Nano Adblocker

Browser specific download locations are located below:



One Click Installation

Click the following: Add Web Annoyances Ultralist to Custom uBlock Origin Filters.

Installation Notes

After clicking the Link above, a warning box will appear asking you to confirm the installation - Click 'OK' to add the list to your Custom Filter Lists.

The warning box will look like the following:


After clicking 'OK' the filter list should be installed.

You can validate the list installed properly by navigating to your uBlock Origin Dashboard and clicking on the Filter lists tab. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and verify Web Annoyances Ultralist is showing up in your custom section. installed

Step-by-Step install instructions are available in the wiki.

Discord Server

Join the yourduskquibbles Discord Server @ for faster reporting of issues and chat.

Mirror Hosts of Web Annoyances Ultralist