A Bash Script Engine for Java implementing JSR223
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Native shell script engines for Java implementing JSR 223

Supported native shells

  • Bash: using the name bash or the extensions .bash/.sh
  • Cmd.exe: using the name cmd or the extension .bat
  • Executable: using the name exec


Simply add the JAR to your classpath and follow the Java Scripting Programmer's guide


Run gradlew script, it produces a JAR file in build/libs

How it works

It simply runs the shell as a native process and pass it your script (stored in a temporary file). For the Executable engine it simply takes the script and run it as a single command using Java ProcessBuilder.


Script bindings are exported as environment variables using their toString() representation and accessible as such in the shells.

For the Executable engine, bindings will also be replaced in the command line (i.e the script). For instance, running a script like "echo $var" will execute "echo value" if the binding var=value is defined.

Collections and arrays elements are exported with the name of the binding suffixed with an underscore and the index of the element.

Maps entries are exported with the name of the binding suffixed with an underscore and the entry's key.

Binding Examples:

Binding Usage Output
String aString = "blurp" echo $aString blurp
int aInt = 42 echo $aInt 42
float aFloat = 42.0 echo $aFloat 42.0
String[] anArray = new String[]{"hello", "bob"} echo $anArray_0 $anArray_1 hello bob
List aList = asList("hello", "bob") echo $aList_0 $aList_1 hello bob
Map aMap = singletonMap("hello", "bob") echo $aMap_hello bob

Of course you noticed that this approach comes with many flaws (nested lists, variables names with underscores...), but at least it should work for simple cases