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A fresh approach to autocomplete implementations, specially for Django. Status: v3 stable, 2.x.x stable, 1.x.x deprecated. Please DO regularely ping us with your link at #yourlabs IRC channel

Updated Oct 21, 2016

Python 140 64


A little javascript and middleware work together to ensure that the user was active during the past X minutes in any tab he has open. Otherwise, display a warning leaving a couple of minutes to show any kind of activity like moving the mouse. Otherwise, logout the user.

Updated Oct 20, 2016


forked from coderholic/django-cities

A simple app providing three models: Country, Region and City model. Also provided, a command to insert or update data from geonames database dumps. Status: stable.

Updated Oct 20, 2016

Python 4 0


Change the form dynamically depending on user actions, and predefined sets of actions and conditions

Updated Oct 7, 2016

Python 0 2


HTTP response diffing against fixtures for testing

Updated Sep 28, 2016

JavaScript 0 0


A fresh approach to CMS: multi-site git-backend markdown-based KISS system, mirror of the main GitLab repo might not be up to date

Updated Jul 30, 2016

Python 3 1


Diff the database state with pre-generated fixtures, for testing.

Updated Jun 8, 2016

JavaScript 2 12


Dead simple autocompletion for jQuery.

Updated Jan 28, 2016


Community guidelines

Updated Dec 6, 2015

Python 26 6


A fresh approach to security in Django. Conceptually, a simple rule registry dictionnary to manage callbacks. In addition, allows logging of malicious uses, provide a middleware, a class decorator, rule autodiscovery, templatetags, debug views ... and other features to make it enjoyable. Status: production / stable.

Updated Apr 23, 2015

Python 3 3


App for collaborative decision making.

Updated Apr 13, 2015

Shell 0 1


Custom Arch Linux package repo sources

Updated Mar 8, 2015

Python 8 6


DEPRECATED !! Check out this new awesome app !! https://github.com/RamezIssac/django-tabular-permissions

Updated Jan 29, 2015

Python 4 3


!!! Don't use this, try nose test generators instead !!! See this url:

Updated Nov 18, 2013

Python 16 5


Provide a Document model including a FileField and a custom storage. Uploaded documents live outside of MEDIA_ROOT and must be downloaded through a view that does security checks. Using django-autocomplete-light and django-generic-m2m, allow to attach any object to it.

Updated Jul 12, 2012