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django-autocomplete-light's purpose is to enable autocompletes quickly and
properly in a django project: it is the fruit of **years of R&D**. It was
designed for Django so that every part overridable or reusable independently.
It is stable, tested, documented and fully supported: it tries to be a good
neighbour in Django ecosystem.
Features include:
- charfield, foreign key, many to many autocomplete widgets,
- generic foreign key, generic many to many autocomplete widgets,
- remote API backed-autocompletes,
- django template engine support for autocompletes, enabling you to include
images etc ...
- 100% overridable HTML, CSS, Python and Javascript: there is no variable
hidden far down in the scope anywhere.
- add-another popup supported outside the admin too.
- keyboard is supported with enter, tab and
arrows by default.
Each feature has a live example and is fully documented. It is also designed
and documented so that you create your own awesome features too.
Resources include:
- `**Documentation** graciously hosted
<>`_ by `RTFD
- `Live demo graciously hosted
<>`_ by `PythonAnywhere
- `Video demo graciously hosted
<>`_ by `Youtube
- `Mailing list graciously hosted
<>`_ by `Google
- `Git graciously hosted
<>`_ by `GitHub
- `Package graciously hosted
<>`_ by `PyPi
- `Continuous integration graciously hosted
<>`_ by `Travis-ci
This package is released under the MIT License which is similar to the BSD
license, you can find a copy in the LICENSE file.
However, I would like to ask that you vote for it on `
<>`_. The rationnale of my
request is simple: the more users, the more contributions and the better this
app will be.
Donations `are welcome too
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