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1.0.16 Added CharField autocompletion for comma separated values.
1.0.15 Holliday release
- Fix #31: Workaround firefox form tempering attitude on reload
- Fix #33: Rename LICENSE.txt to LICENSE
- Fix #34: STATIC_PREFIX changed to {% static %} in templates
- Fix #34: Added readme in russian
- Fix #36: Removed old javascript-placeholder code from widget.js
- Fix #38: Invalid CSS background property
- Added to AUTHORS: @balmaster, @vosi, Brant Young (I hope i didn't
forget anyone, if so please let me know)
Note that except for #31, fixes were provided by the community, thanks a
lot !
1.0.14 Added support for custom javascript initialization on autocomplete
creation, ie. inlines.
It is backward compatible, but you should migrate your custom javascript
0) Use $(document).bind('yourlabsWidgetReady', ...) instead of
$(document).ready(...) to initialize autocomplete widgets
1) Use
$('.autocomplete-light-widget[data-bootstrap=...]').live('initialize', ...)
to instanciate autocomplete widgets instead of
See docs or remote.js for an example.
1.0.13 Use HTML5 placeholder, javascript API support for cloned widgets.
1.0.12 Fixed a crash when yourlabsAutocomplete was called on no element, fixed
div id and removed debug statement.
1.0.11 Fugbix AutocompleteRestModel could not rely only on uniques, so it
relies on get_or_create_by in that case
1.0.10 Fugbix models with a non numerical pk where not accepted anymore by a
spec, the spec was removed from tests and this case is fixed.
1.0.9 Bugfix in remote autocomplete
1.0.8 Fixed keyboard navigation, 1.0.7 broke tests
1.0.7 Tested support for autocompletes that depend on each other.
1.0.6 Enhancement: set class 'autocomplete-light-widget' to autocomplete outer
containers created by widget.js
1.0.5 Enhancement: made rest model local object fetcher less harsh when trying
to find a local object
1.0.4 Bugfix: registering a generic autocomplete with a custom name did not
use the custom name
1.0.3 Default search_names to 'name' if the model has a name field
1.0.2 Bugfix & refactor django admin + popup
1.0.1 Slight ergonomy improvement
1.0.0 (Almost) full rewrite
- "Channel" is gone in favor of "Autocomplete"
- More unit tests and new selenium tests
- Javascript rewrite, for consistency and documentation
- New view on /autocomplete_light/ allows admins to view the registry
0.6 No pity for insane bloat removal
Backward compatibility break: {% autocomplete_light_static %} was removed.
Instead, use {% include 'autocomplete_light/static.html' %} as demonstrated
in the "Quick start" documentation.
Note that autocomplete_light/static.html does not include
cities_light/autocomplete.js, so you have to load it yourself now.
No backward compatibility break.
- Bugfix in generic channel example: demonstrate how to query_filter on
multiple queryset types.
- Bugfix in GenericForeignKeyField: allow none value.
- Enhancement: autocomplete_light.contrib.generic_m2m supports generic many
to many relations.
- Enhancement: allow registration of model with custom channel attributes,
this allows to register a model with another "search_name" than "name"
without subclassing.
- Documentation improvements.
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