BIG FAT WARNING: BC is going to happen on v2 #246

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Hi all,

I made some bad design decisions to keep a promise "make everything configurable in the autocomplete class".

For example, allowing to change the template used by from the autocomplete class:

    template = getattr(autocomplete, 'widget_template',

I ended up with many hooks like that, for example trying to allow setting attributes like placeholder directly in the autocomplete:

self.attrs.update(getattr(self.autocomplete, 'attrs', {}))

I've indentified way to many hooks like that.

So, it'll be unified in v2 it'll look something like that:

class YouAutocomplete(AutocompleteBase):
    widget_kwargs = {
        'attrs': {'placeholder': 'foo'},
    field_kwargs = {

So all the hooks will be removed in favor of just a hook in WidgetBase.__init__() and FieldBase.__init__().

Sorry for the inconvenience and BC break this will cause.

Hopefully it's the only mistake I have identified in my last codereview that fixing will cause BC break.

Thanks for your understanding



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We have proper upgrade docs, closing.

@jpic jpic closed this Feb 15, 2015
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