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0.1.2 Added Brazilian Portuguese Translation.
0.1.1 Decorated rule name was just 'function' in Python 3.
0.1.0 Python 3 support.
0.0.9 Greek translation, div wrapper in template.
Thanks Serafeim Papastefanos for contributing.
0.0.8 Bugfix: decorated function was losing its name
0.0.7 FR locale
0.0.6 Added {% rule %} templatetag.
- Added is_authenticated and is_staff shortcuts,
- Added make_decorator which enables decorating rules with other rules.
- Improved registration debug log messages with bools.
0.0.4 Django 1.4 compatibility
0.0.3 UnicodeDecodeError fixed and improved logging
0.0.2 Fixed to include templates
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