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🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to YOURLS
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Awesome YOURLS Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to YOURLS


Official Resources




Official Tools

3rd party Integrations and Frameworks



  • ∞² - Infinity Squared, a beautiful public page theme for YOURLS
  • Sleeky - A sleek and simple frontend & backend theme for YOURLS with light and dark modes



  • 302-Instead - Send a 302 (temporary) redirect instead of 301 (permanent), for sites where shortlinks may change
  • 302-Instead - A fork of previous plugin, with some more options
  • 404 If Not Found - Give a 404 Not Found if the short URL is not found


  • AAF Rapid Connect auth - AAF Rapid Connect authentication plugin for YOURLS
  • Abuse Desk for YOURLS - A Google Safe Browsing implementation for YOURLS to avoid spam links
  • Access Control Allow Origin - Prevents CORS issue with domain CNAMES and aliases for admin actions
  • Additional Charsets - Define additional character sets for short URLs
  • Admin Issue Diagnostic - A.I.D. - Collects YOURLS environmentals and formats a template to copy/paste into a YOURLS issue. Just fill in the blanks! Fantastic for newbies, great for experts!
  • Admin NoReCAPTCHA - Protect logins with Google's No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA (Google's ReCAPTCHA v2.0)
  • Admin reCaptcha - Spam protection for private YOURLS admin interface with reCaptcha
  • Advanced Reserved URLs - Extends the reserved word functionality, blocking short URLs containing reserved words, even if mixed case or written in leetspeak
  • Allow Aliases - Allow YOURLS to work with alias hostnames for the server
  • Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs - Just as the name says.
  • Amazon Affiliate - Adds your Amazon Affiliate Tag to all Amazon URLs before redirection.
  • Amazon Affiliate With Notice - Adds your Amazon Affiliate Tag to all Amazon URLs before redirection with a notice of Amazon Affiliate link usage.
  • Anonymise - Anonymise the log data that YOURLS captures.
  • Antispam - Merciless antispam plugin using the 3 major domain blacklists
  • YOURLS APC Cache - Add support for APC to reduce MySQL queries
  • API Action - Example plugin for YOURLS 1.6+ to show how to implement custom API actions
  • API Delete - Add a "delete" action to the API
  • API Edit URL - Add an "update" action to the API to edit a URL, and a "geturl" action to get the long URL of a short URL
  • Append Query String - Appends the query string to a long URL- as is
  • Auth Manager - Assign users to roles like "Editor" and "Contributor" to limit the changes they are permitted to make (edit URLs, manage plugins...)
  • Auth Manager Plus - Seperates user data & manages authorization with role-based access controls (RBAC)



  • cAuth - Client side SSL certificate authentication for admin pages.
  • Cache Stat Pages - Serve stat pages (http://sho.rt/blah+) from cache
  • CAS Plugin - Enable authentication through a CAS server
  • Case Insensitive - Makes all keywords case insensitive (creates and calls all keywords lowercase)
  • Case Insensitive - Make YOURLS case insensitive: if you create http://sho.rt/MyLink, then variations like mylink or MYLINK will redirect to the same URL.
  • Change Error Messages - Changes the error message when a keyword or URL already exists and displays the long URL.
  • YOURLS GWall Change Logo - Allows you to change the image of the YOURLS logo and its alt and title tags.
  • Change Password - Change your password from within YOURLS instead of editing the config file
  • Change Password - Allow users to change their password via the administration interface.
  • Check URL - Check if a long URL is reachable before creating a short URL
  • API Concurrency Fix - A plugin to resolve concurrency issues with the API as described in Issue 765.
  • Compliance - Anti-abuse plugin, designed to address link complaints from 3rd parties.
  • Conditional Toolbar - A plugin to conditionally enable the toolbar: http://sho.rt/blah for normal redirect, http://sho.rt/tb/blah for a toolbar
  • Conditional Advertisements - A plugin to conditionally send links through various link monetizing services: is normal, redirects through AdFly
  • Custom Header & Footer - A plugin administration page to add custom header and footer style and content
  • Custom Javascript - Add custom javascript to admin pages
  • Custom Protocol - If the user is known, this plugin adds custom protocol (eg blah://) to authorized protocols, otherwise restricts to http|s


  • Disable JSONP - Disables JSONP access for the YOURLS API.
  • DNSBL - Uses various DNSBLs to check the submitter's IP and prevent shortening URLs if any malicious activity has been detected.
  • Domain Limit - Limit the domains that users can create shortlinks to
  • Domain Limiter - Fork of Nic Waller's plugin with the addition of an admin panel to edit the white list from the admin area
  • Do TLS - Always use SSL/TLS for a destination url if available
  • Don't Log Bots - Ignore bot hits in your stats (both click count as seen in the main admin page and in detailed stats)
  • Don't Log Crawlers - A fork of the Don't Log Bots, with more bots filtered out.
  • Don't Log Health Checker - A fork of Don't Log Bots, with more bots filtered out.
  • Don't Track Admin Clicks - Don't count clicks on short URL if user is logged in


  • Edition Logger - Logs to a file every url insertion, deletion, or modification, to provide traceability of users' actions allowing an open edition policy.
  • Enhanced Auth Cookies - Enhances the cookie based authentication, making each auth cookie name unique and time based.
  • Every Click Counts - Click count include multiple clicks for the same client (ie there will be no browser caching of the redirection)
  • Expiry - Defines optional conditions under which links will expire, able to set time and click limited links globally or per individual links.


  • Fallback URL - Redirect to a custom URL when the short URL does not exist
  • Filter Code - Allow to select 3XX Status Code to return per keyword
  • Fix long URLs - Fix long URLs that contain %20 and other similar encodings
  • Force Lowercase - Force lowercase so http://sho.rt/ABChttp://sho.rt/abc
  • Fuzzy Keyword Suggestions - Handles typos and other "near-misses" for any shortened link (eg if you have sho.rt/dh1ik but someone types sho.rt/dhlik, the 404 page will show suggestions for similar short URLs)


  • GA MP - Track YOURLS link clicks with Google Analytics Measurement protocol in Real Time
  • Git Version - Add version information from the git repository into the footer of the admin page
  • Geo API - Plugin to look up country code from another 3rd party API (
  • GeoShortURL - Plugin to add per-country support to existing short URLs (use it with 302-Instead)
  • Google Analytics Link Tagging - Add GA tags (utm_source and others) to your shortened links
  • Google Auth - Enables Google Authentication for YOURLS
  • Google Analytics YOURLS Plugin - Add your Google Analytics tags to admin and stat pages
  • Google Safe Browsing - Check every new URL against Google's Safe Browsing Lookup service


  • hexdec - Changes the sequential keywords from base36 to base16 (ie [0-9a-f])
  • Hide Referrer - Hide referrer on all or some short links
  • Hide Version String - Hide the version string in the footer
  • HTTP:BL - Prevent spam using the black list from Project Honeypot.
  • HTTP Proxy - Get remote content using an HTTP proxy, for instance when YOURLS is running behind a firewall (e.g. corporate intranet)
  • HTTP status per link - Plugin to allow you to select 3XX Status Code to return per keyword.


  • for YOURLS - Share YOURLS links via
  • YOURLS IDN - Add IDN support to YOURLS
  • Image Placeholder - Simple image placeholder service for YOURLS
  • YOURLS Import Export - A plugin to import and export YOURLS URL
  • Integrated QRCodes - Integrated QRCodes is an updated fork of Inline QRCode, but more compact, configurable, and just as efficient with more features.
  • iOS URL - Adds support for URLs starting with itms-apps:// and itms-services://
  • iTunes-Affiliate - Adds your iTunes Affiliate-Token to all iTunes URLs before redirection


  • Jappix - Adds a JappixMini chat on your YOURLS admin pages
  • JSON Response - Add .json (or a custom string/character) to the short URL to get info about it as a JSON response.


  • Keep Query String - Adds the short URL's query string (if any) to the long URL
  • Keywords, Charset & Length - Custom charset, custom link length and random short urls, all in one plugin, with an admin panel.
  • Keyword not found - If keyword isn't found in the database, redirect to admin page and pre-populate the short URL field
  • Keyword Prefix - Adds a defined prefix to your short URLs


  • LDAP - Enables use of LDAP for user authentication.
  • Link Anonymizer - Generate a link that will take you to an anonymizer service.
  • Link List - List recent links added, in the admin interface or on a public page
  • Limit keyword length - This plugin limits the number of characters allowed for the custom keyword.
  • Limited Links -limit the number of redirections of a specific link.
  • log-login - Logs login atempts to YOURLS. To be used with fail2ban.
  • Login Timeout - Adds a timeout after a certain number of failed logins to mitigate brute force logins.
  • lowercase username - Makes the username lowercase when logging in.


  • Mailto - Adds a "mailto:" sharing option, next to Twitter and Facebook
  • Mailto Bookmarklet - Adds a bookmarklet to share links by mail
  • Mass Remove Link - Remove several links at once. Select by date, date range, IP or URL matching.
  • Mass Update - Adds an API action to mass update links from old_domain to new_domain
  • Memcached - Memcached plugin for YOURLS
  • Meta Redirect - Redirect using HTML meta tag when you prepend the short URL with an underscore (eg http://sho.rt/_bleh)
  • Multi User - Add support for multiple users
  • Mobile Detect - Add ability to redirect by user device OS


  • No Traking Admins - No loggin clicks for authenticated users (compatible with OIDC).


  • OAuth Sign In - Enable OAuth sign in support (using GitLab as an example)
  • OIDC - OpenID Connect authentication against a generic OpenID Connect server


  • Password Protection - Password protect any Short URL you want so that users are prompted for a password before redirection
  • Phishtank - Prevent spam links using Phishtank's API
  • Phishtank 2.0 - Functional rewrite of the old Phishtank plugin with more features
  • Piwik Stats - Integrate statistics with Piwik
  • Piwik-YOURLS - Piwik and a few other features
  • Popular Clicks - Display the top of the most clicked links during past days
  • Popular Clicks Extended - Shows which short links get clicked the most during a specific time frame
  • Popular Links - Adds an admin page that displays your shortener's most popular links
  • Preview URL - Add the character '~' to a short URL to display a preview screen before redirection
  • Preview URL with QR Code - Add the character '~' to a short URL to display a preview screen & QR code before redirection
  • Preview URL with QR Code And Thumbnail - Add the character '~' to a short URL to display a QR code and Thumbnail image before redirection
  • Public "Prefix n' Shorten" - Redirect http://sho.rt/ to a public interface instead of the admin area
  • YOURLS Pseudonymize - This plugin "pseudonymizes" the IP addresses so that it is in line with the German privacy laws (the last 2 segments/bytes of a visitor's IP address are removed)
  • PUNS - A Plugin Update Notification System: provides a report-generating page and an API with optional email notifications.


  • QRCode - Add ".qr" to short URLs to display the shorturl's QR code
  • QRCode - Creates and displays QR Codes within YOURLS
  • QR Google Charts - Another QR Code plugin, using Google Charts API
  • QRCode - Another QR Code plugin. Get the QR code by simply clicking on a button in the Admin area (or by adding ".qr" to the end of the keyword.)
  • QueryString Forward - Forward the query string on short link to long URL (eg http://sho.rt/kk?a=1 to http://very.long.url/somepage/?a=1)
  • Query String Keeper - Pass the query string from the shortlink to the long URL (eg http://sho.rt/kk?hey forwards to http://longurl/bleh/?hey)


  • reCaptcha - YOURLS plugin implementing reCaptcha for unauthenticated users in your public interface
  • Redirect Index - Redirect the user to another site if they go to the base directory of your YOURLS installation
  • Redirect with GET - Redirect with all GET parameters (eg sho.rt/abc123?blah redirects to longu.rl/somepage?blah)
  • Regenerate URL - Regenerate a new keyword for a URL that has already been shortened.
  • Remove The Share Function - Remove the Share button and box that toggles the sharing options on the Admin page
  • Remove YouTube Play Indicator - Removes the triangle from the title of Youtube shortened URL
  • Reset URLs - Deletes all URLs. For your test install needs.
  • Reverse Proxy - Fixes the user IPs to point to the actual user instead of your cloud provider’s infrastructure IPs (Cloudflare, Heroku...)
  • rscrub - An "HTTP referrer scrubbing swiss army knife for YOURLS" (evolution of the Hide Referrer plugin)


  • Semantic Scuttle - Allows the sharing of the URL to a Semantic Scuttle installation.
  • Separate Users - Adds a username to each created URL, and filters the admin interface.
  • Shaarli - Allows the sharing of the URL to a Shaarli installation
  • Share G+ - Adds Google+ to the Quick Share Box.
  • Share LinkedIn - Adds LinkedIn to the Quick Share Box.
  • Share with Tumblr - In the Quick Share box, add a one-click share to Tumblr link.
  • Shibboleth - Enable authentication with Shibboleth
  • ShortShort - Checks if a URL is already shortened (e.g.,, to avoid nested shortened links.
  • Show Git Branch - Using YOURLS on a dev box under Git? Show the current branch in page footer.
  • SimpleDB Clickqueue - Queue clicks to Amazon SimpleDB before processing. This allows using a regular MySQL store even in the face of a high frequency of writes, without concern of connection limit overflow. Clicks are inserted later into the database via an import job.
  • Skimlinks - Push all links through Skimlinks to automatically embed affiliate codes
  • Snapshot - Visual preview plugin with image caching powered by PhantomJS.
  • YOURLS SQLite - SQLite driver for YOURLS
  • Static Titles - Provide two options to avoid the network traffic when retrieving URL titles.
  • SSL for SSL - Generates SSL short links if the original link was SSL.
  • Swap Short URL - A plugin to have http://sho.rt/blah while having YOURLS installed in http://sho.rt/yourls/


  • Telegram Quickshare - Quickly share a shortened URL via Telegram Messenger.
  • Thumbnail URL image - Get the Thumbnail URL image (long URL) by adding .i to the end of the keyword
  • Time-Period Clicks - A simple API plugin for reporting URL clicks in a specific time period (e.g. the last week, January 1 - February 1, etc).
  • Time Limit Link - Set a time limit for links
  • Track Custom Keyword - Add a new field to YOURLS designed to track if a keyword was randomly assigned or manually specified
  • Typer, a yourls prank plugin - Add an underscore * to your shortlink and the user will be shown a page where they have to type the shortlink themselves.


  • Upload and Shorten - Upload and share files with YOURLS
  • U-SRV - Provides secure links to files while obfuscating filesystem paths, allowing easy, secure access to files between plugins or from 3rd party scripts. Manual uploading of files is supported.
  • Update 30X - An API plugin to test single, domain based, or all available links and update the URL in YOURLS if redirection occures at the destination.
  • URL Health Check - Checks submitted URLs for validity, reachability, and redirection. In the case of redirection, the final destination URL will be stored avoiding nested redirects.


  • wallabag - Allows the sharing of the URL to a Wallabag installation (previously named Poche)
  • Whatsapp quickshare - Allows you to share your short URL via whatsapp
  • Word Based Short URLs - Generate short URLs with adjectives and nouns, like http://sho.rt/FluffyArrogantUnicorn



  • YAPCache - YAPCache is an APC based cache designed to reduce the database load of YOURLS and increase performance
  • YOURS-TN - Display thumbnails on YOURLS admin page and stats page, using



YOURLS supports localization: this means if a language file for YOURLS in available in your language, YOURLS will speak your language!


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



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