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OmegaT Browser plugin

A plugin for OmegaT for fast access to websites. Bindings can be scripted in Groovy with support for hotkeys, menus, other OmegaT functions.



Download using Right click -> Save as. Name must end with .groovy

On Mac use CMD instead of Ctrl for shortcuts.

Installation and usage

Download and place omegat-browser-1.3.jar in plugins directory:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\OmegaT\plugins
  • OS X: Go to Applications -> select -> right click -> select Show Package Contents -> go to Conents/Java/plugins
  • Linux: ~/.omegat/plugins

Start OmegaT as usually. In menu choose Tools -> Open browser scripts. Place there downloaded scripts, they will be enabled automagically.

Installed scripts can be enabled/disabled in Tools -> Browser scripts. In case of artifacts (multiple menu items) - restart OmegaT.

Note: Java 8 or newer required with JavaFX support. Oracle's Java 8 to 10 already have JavaFX. For other distributions or newer versions download it from Gluon. On Linux it is avaiable via openjfx package.
More info can be found in this thread.


Version 1.3:

  • Fixed fonts issues on Deepl and LingvoLive, redownload those scripts
  • Fixed Deepl connectivity problems

If my software helps you, consider making a donation. Thank you.