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NDN Arduino library for ESP8266 microcontroller
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NDN Arduino library for ESP8266 and more

esp8266ndn library enables Named Data Networking application development in Arduino environment. It supports ESP8266, ESP32, and Adafruit nRF52 microcontrollers.

The following features are implemented in this library:

  • Encode and decode NDN Interest/Data/Nack packets
  • Communicate via Ethernet unicast and Ethernet multicast (ESP8266 and ESP32)
  • Communicate via UDP unicast and UDP multicast (ESP8266 and ESP32)
  • Communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy (ESP32 and nRF52)
  • Communicate via LoRa radio (ESP32 only)
  • SHA256 signing and verification
  • HMAC-SHA256 signing and verification
  • ECDSA signing and verification, and EC key generation
  • ndnping server and client
  • NDN-FCH client for connecting to the global NDN testbed (ESP8266 and ESP32)

This is a side project owned by It is not an official part of the NDN platform. The author provides best-effort support on ndn-lib mailing list.


Clone this repository under $HOME/Arduino/libraries directory. Add #include <esp8266ndn.h> to your sketch. Check out the examples for how to use.

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