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Log event count and event time in iOS


The preferred way of installation is via CocoaPods. Just add

pod 'EventLogger'

and run pod install. It will install the most recent version of EventLogger.

How to use

Import header file

Import header file where you want to log event:

#import "EventLogger.h"

Log count event

[[EventLogger sharedInstance] addCountEventWithTag:@"click_clean"];

Log event time

Start Loging EventCount2;

[[EventLogger sharedInstance] addCountEventWithTag:@"EventCount2"];

Loging EventCount2 time from event begining;

[[EventLogger sharedInstance] addTimeEventPoint:@"e12" withTag:@"TimeEven1" andInfo:nil timeFromPoint:@nil];

Loging EventCount2 time from point e12;

[[EventLogger sharedInstance] addTimeEventPoint:@"e13" withTag:@"TimeEven1" andInfo:nil timeFromPoint:@"e12"];

That's it! Have fun with EventLogger!