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@yousseb yousseb released this Apr 14, 2020

Release (3.21.0.osx3)

Fix the annoying issue where Meld won't show a window if it was closed using ctrl+c from command line.

Dedicated to Osama

If you use this software, please pray for my brother.

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@yousseb yousseb released this Apr 11, 2020

Release (3.21.0.osx2)

Updated to latest Meld 3.21.0 upstream.

What's New

  1. Latest upstream meld (mainline)
  2. Added Os-Catalina theme and icons
  3. Meld will now prefer to use ~/Library/Caches/org.gnome.meld
  4. Various tweaks for font smoothing
  5. Performance improvements for rendering
  6. All libraries were rebuilt with optimized flags

Known Issues

  1. Shell Integration Menu removed until I figure out how to best integrate with the shell
  2. ctrl+c will put Meld in an ugly state where user would have to start Meld from the Launchpad or using Finder before they can start from command line again (or rm -fr ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/org.gnome.meld.savedState
  3. Full screen from the pop-up menu doesn't work (but you can still full screen from the titlebar)
  4. Package / Meld are not code signed (but I'm working on it)

Help Needed

If you have any idea how to stop macOS from loading/saving application state, I would be grateful if you can point me to it. I tried the following, but they don't seem to work:

    'NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows': False,
    'ApplePersistenceIgnoreState': True

Dedicated to Osama

If you use this software, please pray for my brother.

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@yousseb yousseb released this Oct 1, 2019

Another pre-release (3.21.0)

Updated to Meld 3.21.0 upstream.

Known Issues

  1. Minimize button still doesn't work. (Gtk/Quartz issue)
  2. Fullscreen looks ugly. (Gtk/Quartz issue)
  3. Users can't use fullscreen from gears menu (but can from Mac menu)
  4. Some warning messages are written to the console

Dedicated to Osama

If you use this software, please pray for my brother.

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@yousseb yousseb released this Sep 16, 2019

3.20.0 pre-release version

This is a pre-release version. I'm attempting to mainly test the build environment. While having some issues, I still think it's useful to draft a release with this version.

For Osama

This version is dedicated to my brother, Osama, who was killed in the Christchurch terrorist attack. If you use/like this software, please pray for him.

What's new

  1. Upstream 3.20.0. We need to build gtksourceview version 4 to move to newer versions.
  2. Added some fixes that will hopefully fix the saved-state issue that appears on OSX.
  3. Added some OSX features to simplify working from within terminal

What's broken

  1. Minimize button doesn't work
  2. Gtk feels too slow for my taste. I will experiment with Gtk4 + Vulkan backend instead of Quartz backend in the next phase
  3. Min/Restore/Max buttons are not native. This will likely require some interesting work-around.
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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 25, 2018

  • (Hopefully) fixes Meld process not exiting cleanly
  • Smaller package
  • Add osx build revision number
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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 16, 2018

  • Use OS font/font sizes for Meld windows. Meld looks beautiful!
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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 16, 2018

Almost there with all the Mojave stuff

  1. Finally gotten rid of the wrapper script. Meld binary now works without a wrapper. This should fix a number of bugs as well as allowing meld/git integration to be seamless.
  2. Mojave theme update.
  3. Some work on fontconfig/fonts. Still crashes on some fonts, but we're getting there.
  4. Really fix the GTK spinner
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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 9, 2018

  • Meld starts in front
  • Meld shows gtk spinner when busy
  • Base environment optimization

I still need to figure out some bugs. But things are looking nice at this point.

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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 2, 2018

This is a bug fix release. Hopefully we've got most of the annoying issues gone.

  1. Changed the wrapper script to an AppleScript. This seems to be useful for the issue preventing Meld from starting up.
  2. Environment (python, gtk, gdk, glib, etc..) all recompiled with -O2 optimization
  3. py2app option no_chdir added. This helps in the command line argument passing when using relative paths.

If this build passes initial testing, I'll make it the official release on the website until I get more time to fix the font selection issues that some users have been also having.

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@yousseb yousseb released this Dec 1, 2018

This release adds tons of features. It is thus a bit "beta"

  1. Upstream update to meld master (3.19.2)
  2. Now uses built-in python3
  3. Core build dependencies updated to latest that jhbuild offers. (newer GTK)
  4. Adds support for Mojave Dark theme
  5. Much smaller in size
  6. Seems to solve the saved-state issues that faced people using previous version of Meld for OSX made for High Sierra
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