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Meld for OS X

This README should help you build Meld for OS X.

:bulb:**Tip:** A lot of people are asking how to use this package as a git difftool.
Once installed, edit your ```~/.gitconfig```, and add the following lines
		tool = meld
		prompt = false
	[difftool "meld"]
		trustExitCode = true
		cmd = /Applications/ \"$LOCAL\" \"$PWD/$REMOTE\"

Preparing JHBuild Environment

JHBuild is the build system that we will be using to build Meld. This step should really be done once and further builds should not require updating the build environment unless there have been some updates to the libraries that you'd like to do.


To ensure that we don't hit some issue with python not able to determine locales on OSX, let's do the following

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Initial Phase

  1. Download the setup script

    cd ~
    curl -O
  2. Run the setup script

    ~/.local/bin/jhbuild shell

    You can exit the shell once you determine that it works properly

  3. Prepare build environment

    export PATH="~/.local/bin/:$PATH"
    brew install ccache
    (cd osx && ./
  4. Checkout meld and start the initial phase

    git clone
    cd meld
    cd osx/
    ln -sf $PWD/jhbuildrc-custom ~/.jhbuildrc-custom
    cd ..

Building Meld

chmod +x osx/
jhbuild run osx/
jhbuild shell
chmod +x osx/


> :bulb:**Output:** Find the output dmg file in osx/Archives after you're done building.


  1. Can't run jhbuild bootstrap - gives an error related to bash not being found.
    mkdir -p $HOME/gtk/inst/bin; 
    ln -sf /bin/bash $HOME/gtk/inst/bin/bash
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