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invalidate github css #6

juliangruber opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When the server runs for a while the GitHub css might change and thus the paths are invalid because you keep them cached forever.

A restart always helps.

The solution could be to grab the GitHub CSS url on every request or do that periodically every 10s


That's by design. I did not expect anyone to run GFMS longer than 1 day, which is about as long as it takes for the Akamai hosted CSS files to become invalid, on rough average.

But yeah this bothers me too as I ended up having GFMS running on my machine continuously, and have to restart it from time to time.

I will fix this in the coming days.


sweet! btw, I have this running on one of our servers 24/7 and it works great so for, this issue aside



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