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Hi, I'm using IcedCoffeeScript to deal with async flow, and I found laeh is nearly pefect to work with it. eg. I can do it like

# port from
app.param 'userId', (req, res, next, userId)->
  await user.findById userId, _x defer(err,user),true,next
  req.user = user

but for CoffeeScript convention, callback shuold be placed at last, so we can write

# if we change the signature of `_x` , we can omit parentheses
app.param 'userId', (req, res, next, userId)->
  await user.findById userId, _x true, next, defer err,user
  req.user = user

.. which is cleaner. And if people just use CoffeeScript instead of IcedCoffeeScript, they can still write

# this cannot be done without changing the signature of `_x`
app.param 'userId', (req, res, next, userId)->
  await user.findById userId, _x true, next,(err,user)->
    req.user = user

So I think it will be better to have an option to change the signature of _x.


youurayy commented Jan 3, 2013

Hi, I'm not very fond of [Iced]CoffeeScript syntax — are you suggesting to swap the first two parameters of _x?

That should be doable without breaking the existing code, at a slight performance penalty of checking the type of the first parameter to be either a boolean or a function.

Alternatively, I can provide a separate function instead of _x, e.g. _z, which would be catering specifically for [Iced]CofeeScript users.

great, thanks!


youurayy commented Mar 30, 2013

hey, just getting to this. If it's still actual, please confirm the signature of _z:

// current LAEH:
_x(cb, true, funct() { })

// addition for [Iced]CoffeScript:
_z(true, cb, funct() { })

to be totally honest, I don't see how swapping the first two args helps with iced/coffeescript? The callback function you define is always at the last position, this is so that your code is cleaner...

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