Sketch plugin for generating table of contents for documentations
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This is a Sketch Plugin I created upon a request from our Mozilla UX team. As a memember of the UX team we usually have to create different specs using Sketch, and we have to manually add a "Table of Contents" page to list out the contents. For this plugin you can just press the shortcut and it will automatically generate a Table of Contents page for you. (There are some rules to follow when you create your spec.)

Artboads Setup

  1. Artboard size: larger than 1440 x 1024 preferred.
  2. Artboard order: top first (Export as PDF order).
  3. Having a Cover as the first artboard & Release Notes as the second.

Titles Setup

  1. Use Symbols "Header1" & "Header2" as first level titles & second level titles.
  2. Use Overrides to change the text for "Header1" & "Header2".
  3. "Header1" & "Header2" have to be the first(top) layer within an artboard.
  4. If a section has multiple artboards, add "(cont.)" to the title for additional artboards.
  5. If you have third level titles or more levels, you don't need to convert them to symbol, it will simply ignore it.

Example File structure

  1. Cover
  2. Release Notes
  3. Topic A (using Header1)
  4. Topic A-1 (using Header2)
  5. Topic A-1(cont.) -> continue A-1
  6. Topic B (using Header1)
  7. Topic B-1 (using Header2)
  8. Topic B-2 (using Header2)
  9. Topic C (using Header1)


Checkout the Example Sketch file for more information:

Example Structure Table Of Contents

Table of Contents will be generated after the Cover artboard.
Shortcut: control + option + ⌘command + T

Additional Options:

You can change the artboard background color, or change the margin and font size according to the amount of your contents. You can also check / uncheck to show or hide the page numbers and title prefix numbers.



If you've already generated a Table of Contents, you can click the button (control + option + ⌘command + T) again to refresh or delete your current Table of Contents.