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Jan 26, 2019


Updates (1/28): Made the plugin compatible with Sketch 53 beta.

This is a Sketch Plugin I created upon a request from our Mozilla UX team. As a memember of the UX team we usually have to create different specs using Sketch, and we have to manually add a "Table of Contents" page to list out the contents. For this plugin you can just press the shortcut and it will automatically generate a Table of Contents page for you. (There are some rules to follow when you create your spec.)

Create ToC Menu ToC Artboard

Artboads Setup

  1. Artboard size: larger than 1440 x 1024 preferred.
  2. Artboard order: top first (Export as PDF order).
  3. Having a Cover as the first artboard & Release Notes or Version History as the second (Support multiple version history pages now).

Titles Setup

  1. Use Folders named "Header1" & "Header2" as first level titles & second level titles.

Titles Setup

Example File structure

  1. Cover
  2. Release Notes
  3. Topic A (using Header1)
  4. Topic A-1 (using Header2)
  5. Topic A-2 (using Header2)
  6. Topic A-3 (using Header2)
  7. Topic B (using Header1)
  8. Topic B-1 (using Header2)
  9. Topic B-2 (using Header2)
  10. Topic C (using Header1)

File Structure

Checkout the Example Sketch file for more information: Table of Contents will be generated after the Cover artboard.
Shortcut: control + option + ⌘command + T

Additional Options:

You can change the artboard background color, or change the margin and font size according to the amount of your contents.

Refresh / Delete your ToC:

If you've already generated a Table of Contents, you can click the button (control + option + ⌘command + T) again to refresh or delete your current Table of Contents.



Sketch plugin for generating table of contents for documentations



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