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A lightweight, customizable Vue UI library for mobile web apps.

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  • 🚀 1KB Component average size (min+gzip)
  • 🚀 70+ High quality components
  • 🚀 Zero third-party dependencies
  • 💪 90%+ Unit test coverage
  • 💪 Written in TypeScript
  • 📖 Extensive documentation and demos
  • 📖 Provide Sketch and Axure design resources
  • 🍭 Support Vue 2 & Vue 3
  • 🍭 Support Nuxt 2 & Nuxt 3, provide Vant Module for Nuxt
  • 🍭 Support Tree Shaking
  • 🍭 Support Custom Theme
  • 🍭 Support Accessibility (still improving)
  • 🍭 Support Dark Mode
  • 🍭 Support SSR
  • 🌍 Support i18n, built-in 30+ languages


Using npm to install:

# install latest Vant for Vue 3 project
npm i vant

# install Vant 2 for Vue 2 project
npm i vant@latest-v2

Using yarn or pnpm:

# with yarn
yarn add vant

# with pnpm
pnpm add vant


import { createApp } from 'vue';
// 1. Import the components you need
import { Button } from 'vant';
// 2. Import the components style
import 'vant/lib/index.css';

const app = createApp();

// 3. Register the components you need

See more in Quickstart.

Browser Support

Vant 2 supports modern browsers and Android >= 4.0、iOS >= 8.0.

Vant 3/4 supports modern browsers and Chrome >= 51、iOS >= 10.0 (same as Vue 3).

Official Ecosystem

Project Description
vant-weapp WeChat MiniProgram UI
vant-demo Collection of Vant demos
vant-cli Scaffold for UI library
vant-icons Vant icons
vant-touch-emulator Using vant in desktop browsers
vant-nuxt Vant module for Nuxt

Community Ecosystem

Project Description
3lang3/react-vant React mobile UI Components based on Vant
vant-aliapp Alipay MiniProgram UI
taroify Vant Taro
vant-theme Online theme preview built on Vant UI
@antmjs/vantui Mobile UI Components based on Vant, supporting Taro and React
sfc-playground-vant Try Vant in the Playground. Currently only Vant 3+ is supported



You can scan the following QR code to access the demo:

Core Team

Core contributors of Vant and Vant Weapp:

chenjiahan cookfront w91 pangxie1991 rex-zsd
chenjiahan cookfront wangnaiyi pangxie rex-zsd
nemo-shen Lindysen JakeLaoyu landluck wjw-gavin
nemo-shen Lindysen JakeLaoyu landluck wjw-gavin

All Contributors

Thanks to the following friends for their contributions to Vant:


Contribution Guide

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

Start On Web IDE


Vant is MIT licensed.