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Before publishing any release, please make sure that following things are working *

Scheduling via cron is working

Scheduling via unix scheduler is working

creating a worker using job_key is working

Creating a worker and its scheduling is working

ask_work is working => check

send_request is working => check

all_worker_info is workign

status retrieval is working => check

sending of large objects around is working

sending of rails AR objects is working

sending of rails AR objects with plugin is working

Environment is getting loaded properly through config file and command line argument.

People are unable to call ActionController methods.

People should be able to use multiple args while invoking methods.

Check if clustering is working.

Check if queue is working.

Problem with new experimental API

there is an issue if user invokes multiple tasks in thread pool directly from one of the worker

under current settings they are going to end up with same job key.

Also, new_worker can’t have same method invocation conventions because it accepts more parameters.


Okay, use:

cache[job_key] = result cache[job_key] => will return the result. worker_name, worker_key shall be taken in to account.

Write a Rails controller that returns following information:

  • For each BackgrounDRb server:
    • Workers running
    • Memory taken by them
    • Number of threads in thread pool
    • Number of Tasks in Queue
    • If any worker key
    • Perhaps a count of open file descriptors
    • Scheduled tasks and next turn
  • Overall memory taken by entire BackgrounDRb server.