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cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.1 @ Mar.21,2011
[all platforms]
400 Bug typo, rename CCamera.cpp to CCCamera
403 Feature rename cocos2d::UIEvent to cocos2d::CCEvent, to avoid class name conflict on ios
405 Bug CCConfiguration::checkForGLExtension(const string&) sometimes may crashes
407 Bug replace "CCGL.h" with "CCGL.h" in CCCamera.cpp, for case-sensitive systems
408 Bug memory leak in CCImage::_initWithPngData
409 Feature rename cocos2d::NSArray to cocos2d::CCArray, to avoid the conflict on ios
418 Feature add copyright of cocos2d-iphone original authors to each file
423 Bug fix compilation warnings when COCOS2D_DEBUG == 2
404 Bug HiResTest isnot prerfect on HVGA/Retina yet
410 Bug xcode3 template, cannot find libxml from header searh paths in release build
419 Bug test case TMXIsoVertexZ in TileMapTst has wrong effect on ios
399 Bug HelloWorld crashes when the screen is touched
405 Bug CocosDenshion test, BGM isn't paused after HOME key tapped
395 Bug make AppDelegate.cpp created by VS wizard portable without any modification
401 Bug VisualStudio template for 2010 OutputDir errors
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.0 @ Mar.15,2011
[all platforms]
316 Feature Resolution auto adjustment, auto scale HVGA resource to WVGA or any other resolutions
336 Refactor refactor platform porting layer
253 Bug xml parser sometimes crashes
375 Feature Rename NS,CG,UI prefix classes/definitions to CC prefix, avoid the crash at ios dev
332 Feature upgrade tests from 0.99.4 to 0.99.5
363 Bug CCLabelTTF can't treat line breaks and wrapping correctly.
351 Feature CCLabelTTF cannot automatic line break on iphone
352 Bug ccRemoveHDSuffixFromFile & CCFileUtils::getDoubleResolutionImage isnot work
392 Bug border of sprite debug draw isn't scaled if enableRetinaDisplay(true)
385 Feature implement ccos2d::CCLog
388 Feature update the template for iOS
247 Feature support multitouch
242 Feature support accelerometer on android
353 Feature support jpg on android
344 Feature add APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a to improve the performance on some devices
356 Bug CCLabelTTF::initWithString crashed
386 Bug resolve the compile conflict on wophone sdk
383 Bug The approach which handle left soft-key clicked is not work
377 Feature Replace the word "uphone" with "wophone"
357 Bug CCLabelTTF doesn't support words contain line breaks.
348 Bug CCLabelTTF blur if color = white and fontSize < 24
373 Feature Disable PVRFrame window when cocos2d running
355 Bug CCLabelTTF doesn't support line breaks and wrapping words
300 Feature wizard for Visual C++ 2008 Express & VS2010 Express/Professional
cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.7.2 @ Jan.26,2011
[all platforms]
- upgrade engine logic internal & interfaces to 0.99.5
- the list of menu items in tests is showing how to scroll now
- lots of bugs fixed
- add new project templates for Xcode
- add the c++ wrapper for CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine
- support UTF8 charactors in text renderring, such as CCLabelTTF, CCMenuItemFont
- add CocosDenshion::SimpleAudioEngine implement on android
- the engine can adjust the apk filename automatically
- the engine will not crash at surface recreate, especially at background-to-foreground switching
- switch the game to background, then press power key will not cause the background music play again
- remove the methods of using resouce map in cocos2d-wophone & SimpleAudioEngine.
Only zip resource is recommended and suppported.
- can auto find the installed path of your game, and load zip resource file from the current folder.
No absolute path in code any more. Do this to support installing games to micro-SD card
cocos2d-0.99.4-x-0.7.1 @ Dec.20,2010
[all platforms]
- add CCKeypadDelegate class, which enable CCLayer to respond "back" key in wophone & android
- Add namespace for CocosDenshion
- fix compile errors when enable CC_XXX_DEBUG_DRAW switchs in ccConfig.h
- fix memory leaks on each platform
- more details:
- Run through all the test cases of cocos2d, support ndk r4,r5, sdk higher than 2.0. Tested on HTC G2,G3,G6,G7
- HelloWorld integrate all platforms in one directory now
- WANRNING: this version isn't ready for android games porting yet. The CocosDenshion isn't ported to android,
and this version will crashes when screen orientation changes or the game gack to foreground
look more on this bug
- Add support of loading textureImageData from the ParticleDesign plist file
- Fix more then 3000 complie warnings
- You can try to use this version to develop your iOS game now. It's much more stable than the previous version
- Games can easily read resources from zip file now. This will drastically reduce the memory usage
- Add power management: pause the message loop when cocos2d-x game is switched to background or backlight down
- Multi-touch support
- SimpleAudioEngine can play background musci with repeating now
cocos2d-0.99.4-x-0.7.0 @ Nov.29,2010
* cocos2d-iphone-cpp port ready! include accelerometer & multi-touch
* refactor the directory structure of HelloWorld & tests
* cocos2d-wophone supports accelerometer
* add cocos2d-x wizard for cocos2d-win32 & cocos2d-wophone for VisualStudio2008
* jump out a message box when load texture failed (win32 & wophone)
* more details: