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This is a plugin to allow OmegaT to source machine translations from Tencent Cloud.
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OmegaT Tencent Translate plugin

This is a plugin to allow OmegaT to source machine translations from Tencent Cloud

The functionality provided by this plugin is built into OmegaT 4.1.0 and later. Please uninstall the plugin if you are using this version or later.


Before run, Log in to Tencent Cloud API Key Console, create a secretId & scretKey or use an existing secretId & scretKey.

  1. Download the ZIP from releases and place it into one of the OmegaT plugins folders. OmegaT plugin should be placed in C:\Program Files\OmegaT\plugins(Windows),~/Library/Preferences/OmegaT/plugins/(Mac OS X) or $HOME/.omegat/plugins(Linux/UNIX), depending on your operating systems.

  2. In OmegaT, configure your secretId & scretKey in Machine Translation Preferences.

  3. In OmegaT, enable Options > Machine Translate > Tencent Translate. Translations will appear in the Machine Translation pane.


  1. From the top level of the distribution run ./gradlew build.

  2. From the build/libs/ folder, copy omegat-tencent-plugin-*.jar to one of the OmegaT plugin folders.


This project is distributed under the GNU General Public License, v3.

This project makes use of the following components:

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