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- Web browser: changed keyboard layout to standard keyboard (easier to do search request).
- Player screen: playlist now displays file name for archive entries instead of "archivename.7z@31".
- DUMB: optimized file loading & memory usage.
- Player screen: info & playlist fullscreen state now saved & restored.
- Playlist: add subsongs/archives management.
- Timidity: user's custom timidity.cfg & sound font supported.
- DSF: output can be switch between 22Khz & 44Khz. Output gain increased.
- Dumb: wrong format reported in info screen for IT files.
- Issue fixed with archive management & display in player screen.
- Fixed crash when modizer is running in background (double free issue).
- Fixed long press on '<' & '>' (used to change archive entry when current entry has also sub song).
- Fixed wrong save/restore of default playback length.
- Fixed an issue with file manager.
- Settings: now a single setting for default length (in Player settings menu).
- Pmdmini: new playback library supporting japanese PC-9801 computer.
- AOSDK/DSF: optimized playback using a 22KHz output.
- Coverflow: add of a basic interface.
- MODLAND: updated with latest entries (22/01/2012).
- HVSC: update to #56.
- AOSDK playback: issue fixed in file decoding, was preventing playback of dsf, ssf, sqf, psf2, ... files.
- french translations: issues fixed.
- "Loading..." window now correctly rotated.
- File browser: directories with a '.' in their name were detected as files.
- Infinite loop mode: fixed issue with Modplug & UADE.
- Coverflow: fixed issue with covert art not being loaded.
- Player: removed click that could be heard sometime at end of song.
- Player: fixed issue with infinite loop in Modplug & UADE.
- Player: fixed a pattern break issue with Modplug.
- Global: lots of minor bug fixes.
- SIDPLAY2: updated with latest version, fixing an issue with 'Fanta in space.sid' (fast device required for this one).
- MODLAND: updated to 04/09/2011
- HVSC: updated to #55
- BROWSER: optimizations
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within a GME file (NSF,NSFE,GBS,...)
- PLAYER/VISUALIZERS: new visualizers, better selection menu, better beat detection
- SETTINGS/PLAYER: panning now applied as choosen
- SETTINGS/MODPLUG: settings now applied at launch
- VISU/SPECTRUM: high details mode was displaying Left value for Right Spectrum
- DOWNLOADS: wrong files list update when removing an entry
- SETTINGS/GME: default length now applied when applicable
- Lots of small bugfixes
- PLAYER: last visu set up now kept when turning off/on.
- PLAYER: larger touch area for Info button.
- DUMB: add of new module playback lib, should be more accurate than modplug.
- COVERFLOW: optimized. iPhone 3GS or faster recommended.
- BROWSER/PLAYER: playback of only 1 entry within an archive (zip, rsn, rar, gz, 7z) is now supported.
- SID: add of a new option for Filter emulation on/off (both for SID1 & SID2)
- SETTINGS: added a global panning setting (usefull when using headphones).
- BROWSER: added a limit to files list when too much entries.
- GLOBAL: disable auto screen lock only when plugged & battery is charging.
- PLAYER: now start on a random entry when random mode is active and a new list is started.
- PLAYER: now resume playback after being interrupted (phone call) only if headpone are plugged.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue (timeout) on loading.
- SETTINGS/PLAYER: removed "resume on launch" since it caused crash issue.
- PLAYER: fixed glow issue when tapping play/pause/... buttons.
- MODPLUG: settings were not applied at launch.
- GLOBAL: fixed crash issue / filesystem access.
- ASAP: fixed wrong filesize reported.
- PSF: fixed a crash on load issue.
- BROWSER: when in a list (search string), after selecting an entry, was scrolled to top.
- mini<psf,gsf,...> formats: fixed issue of <psf,gsf,...>lib file loading when included in an archive (rar, zip, ...).
To Do:
-> settings :
GSF Settings: freq/lpf/echo
- New logo/splashscreen/background by Steve Miele
- 7z, rar/rsn, zip, gz, lha/lzh files support.
- GSF support: play all your GBA files! iPhone 4 or faster device recommanded.
- MIDI support: based on Timidity & vienna gold SF2 soundfont.
- ASAP support: better Atari/Pokey support.
- GME updated: VRC7, MMC5, FDS mappers support (NSF/NSFE). Faster SPC playback.
- AOSDK: add of DSF,QSF & SSF formats. Please note DSF & SSF requires a very fast device.
- ADPLUG: opl emulation has now 3 settings (including ad-lib).
- ADPLUG: adjusted playback level.
- WEB: 2-fingers tap an image (jpg/png/gif) to download as folder or file cover.
- SETTINGS: new options added.
- PLAYER: coverflow like effect in landscape mode.
- PLAYER: covers support for both folder & file levels.
- PLAYER: subsongs picker.
- PLAYER: archive entries picker.
- PLAYER: visualization selector enhanced.
- PLAYER: new visualizer for midi & mods.
- BROWSER: add a link to the user guide, currently under construction.
- BROWSER: more infos displayed : length(wrong if more than one song), channels, songs.
- BROWSER: waiting screen when long requests are processed.
- BROWSER: "enqueue all"/"play all buttons" added.
- PLAYLIST: increased max size to 8192 entries.
- SID: activated filter emulation for sidplay2 engine.
- UADE: fixed some issues with rjp files.
- WEB BROWSER: fixed issue with some links which were not correctly handled.
- MODPLUG: better detection of Noisetracker mod to fix tempo issue.
- MODPLUG: resampling mode option was broken in v1.1.
- PLAYLIST: fixed wrong order issue when moving entries.
- PLAYLIST: quit "Edit" mode when closing popup.
- PLAYER: removed auto scrolling for title, improving performance.
- PLAYER: fixed skipping to next file issue when files cannot be played.
- SexyPSF: fadeout/in issue with looping PSF files.
- [Improv] (beta)ONLINE WORLD CHARTS: top rated & most played songs with links to download them when part of MODLAND & HVSC libraries.
- [Improv] MDX support (Sharp X68000).
- [Improv] SID: STIL information database support.
- [Improv] SID: now 2 engines, SIDPLAY1 & SIDPLAY2/ReSID.
- [Improv] GME: ym2413 emulation, needed by some VGZ/VGM files.
- [Improv] GME: optimized (22Khz) mode for slow devices.
- [Improv] GME/HES: better subsong handling.
- [Improv] BROWSER: improved performance.
- [Improv] BROWSER: new option to list all files, including subdirectories.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "get all" for hvsc.
- [Improv] BROWSER: "preview" mode => file can be deleted within HVSC/MODLAND using standard "swipe" gesture.
- [Improv] BROWSER: Updated MODLAND database.
- [Improv] BROWSER&PLAYER: special chars support(ex: BjerregŒrd).
- [Improv] PLAYER: autoscroll song title (only on fast devices, 3GS & faster).
- [Improv] PLAYER: optimized playlist handling.
- [Improv] SEARCH: design reviewed & global optimization.
- [Improv] SETTINGS: design reviewed & optimized.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/GME: max song length (useful for nsf, sap, É)
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: new setting for panning.
- [Improv] SETTINGS/MODPLUG: add an "OFF" option for resampling.
- [Improv] Database creation/update is faster.
- [Improv] French translation added.
- [BugFix] MODPLUG: fixed tempo issue for some mod files (ex. : Nebulos).
- [BugFix] ADPLUG: fixed issue with ADL files (Dune II).
- [BugFix] AOSDK: psf2 playback was broken.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: MODPLUG settings were not correctly applied.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: AOSDK/SexyPSF settings were not saved.
- [Bugfix] SETTINGS: "Clean downloads" was broken, leading to the creation of an empty "Web" folder.
- [Bugfix] UADE: SIDMON 1 crash issue fixed.
- [BugFix] UADE: hang issue when skipping multiple songs fixed.
- [Bugfix] SID playback fixed & optimized.
- [BufFix] PLAYER: better subsongs handling.
- [Bugfix] PLAYER: restart music only if was playing after a phone call.
- [BugFix] VISU: 2D Spectrum & Oscilloscope background gfx issues fixed.
- [Bugfix] BROWSER: multiple bug fixes.
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