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Luosimao Captcha For AngularJS

Getting started

This is a directive for AngularJS ^1.2.0. And ease the way to display a luosimao captcha on your page.

If you plan to hack on the directives or want to run the example locally, first thing to do is to install NPM dependencies:

npm install

Launch the demo

To run the demo page, just run

npm start

and open your browser on http://localhost:8080/.

Example Html

<lccaptcha lc-key="Your-Data-Site-Key" lc-width="100%" lc-verified="vm.captcha_verified(resp, LUOCAPTCHA)">
captcha_verified(response, LUOCAPTCHA) {
    this.captcha = response;
    this.luocaptcha = LUOCAPTCHA;

reset() {

See demo/* for more information.


  • jQuery


Use in your project:

npm install git:// --save

angular.module('app', ['lccaptcha'])


const ngLcCaptcha = require('lc-captcha-angular').ngLuosimaoCaptcha;
angular.module('app, [ngLcCaptcha])


MIT License